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Art is real

I realize... I have made a mistake.... or at least in exploring an idea to the fullest, I have been walking down a path that does not accurately reflect my truest experience with the world.  And maybe I found the Goddess again... in a whole knew way. This would take longer than a facebook post to explain... The Goddess as I understood her isn't real. The soul isn't real. However... art can be defined...At least there is a definition that I find I accept this morning.

Art is the conscious or subconscious attempted by a sentient being to communicate with other sentiences, existing or imagined.

Now an argument could be made for or against pretty much anything.. but a bolt on the side of the road that feel off and is unnoticed is not art.  When someone comes along and finds meaning in it, takes a photo of it, remembers it... data in that individual's mind is art.

Sentience is real. It is a potent and precious expression of life, no matter what strata said sentience functions …

Fic: Spun

I use Grammarly'splagiarism checker because the button was right next to the grammar checker button and I was curious. They emailed me and offered me a sponsorship of one post if I posted the above link, but that meant I had to go check out their site and try it out. There was a trial, but next time I have the money, I’m going to subscribe. It’s a decent proofreading, which I really do need help with. My writing was in the green on the first scan, but only just barely. There were lots of things it caught that I’m glad to have caught. The nice thing about having an AI system do your proofing is that well... it’s less embarrassing than having an editor or a reader be all... looking at you could you write that word three times.. what WERE you thinking about... And well, one just never explains what one was actually thinking about *grins*. The Grammerly seems a bit pricy, but I think it’ll be worth it.
Now.. onto this story. This story has been written, half written, side w…