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fic: Loving Robin - When Robin and Merry met

Meeting Merry

This is back story for Loving Robin.

“Who are you?” Marian asked, hands on her hips, violet eyes narrowed challengingly.

“I am Robin of Loxley,” the new boy said as he tapped his wooden sword on the stone floor, blue eyes as unforgiving as hers. “You’re in my secret place. Get out.”

She rolled her eyes. “We found it first. This place is ours now.”

The space in question was hardly as big as a lady’s closet, but it was warm and smelled of the delicious foods being cooked in the kitchen below. There were no windows and it didn’t have a proper door, only a space where one could crawl in, if one slipped to the back of the dry larder and scaled the wall.

“It’s been mine all winter,” Robin protested, making his case.  “Where did you peasants come from anyway? Don’t you have some work to be doing?”

“We’re not peasants,” Merry said. He knelt at the far corner of the small space, tending some mystery with his back to both of them. “Do you like... cinnamon?”

“Well, I think you’re a peasant and a liar. You haven’t got any cinnamon!” Robin tapped his practice sword a with a little more emphasis.

“OH! You think you’re something because you got a bit of wood? I don’t need no wood to set you straight, boy,” Marian snarled as she balled up dust and soot stained hands.

“You can’t set anything straight! You’re a girl! At least, I think you’re a girl!”

It was at that point that the impact of her fist set his head rocking backwards and then she was really on him. The punch knocked him off balance, but she bore him over with her knees on his chest. Neither of them probably weighed more than a couple of stones so her landing on him did him no harm and he carried the fight right back with a solid punch to her left eye as they rolled in the small space which took them into the angled wall of their space that shouldn’t have existed. They exchanged several more blows, knocking the breath from each other and making no real progress towards ownership of the space.

“Oii!” Merry nearly shouted.

This brought both of their attention to him. They glared. He grinned brilliantly, even with his missing front teeth and brunet hair that was the same length as his sister’s. “I’m not a peasant. I’m the son of the Sheriff of Nottingham. That’s my sister, Marian. I got cakes,” he said, as he produced them from behind his back. “With cinnamon!”

Robin and Marian both rolled away from each other, giving a solid glare and promise that the battle wasn’t over yet.

But there were cakes...

“My brother has one for me and one for HIM,” she said pointedly, brown eyes narrowing.

“You’re still in MY secret space!” Robin complained. “I won’t eat cakes made by stinky peasants anyway,” he complained, but his eyes were very much on the small cake, which had risen just enough to actually look like a cake and was golden enough to bring a rumble from his belly. It did, actually, smell like cinnamon, which was rare and not something even the heir of Locksley got very often. Before he knew it, his tongue was licking at his lip, but he lifted his jaw and turned away. “Just get out.”

Marian grabbed up her cake and took half of it in a bite. “Yummmmm.”

Robin glared at both of them, blue eyes narrowed.

Merry held the last cake out with both hands, a smile in his eyes, the same smile that lifted the corners of his lips. “He can have mine.”

“Don’t be a ninny,” Marian snapped. “You know you’re not getting any supper.”

Merry continue to smile at Robin though, hands held out. “I want to give it to him.”

Robin’s face tightened in contemplation, before he took the still warm cake. After a couple of bites, he slowly started to smile. “You can be my vassals.”

“You can be my vassal,” Marian shot back. “I’m no one’s vassal!”

Robin squinted. “You’d be the king’s vassal, if you were worthy.”

“I’m worthy! I’ll be an outlaw!”

Robin turned to look at Merry, then back at Marian. “You’re twins?”

“OH, you’re smart,” Marian snapped. “Merry’s an outlaw too!”

She crawled up into the little tunnel that lead back into the larder.

Robin and Merry stared at each other.   

Everything changed.


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