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fic: Loving Robin - When Robin and Merry met

Meeting Merry

This is back story for Loving Robin.

“Who are you?” Marian asked, hands on her hips, violet eyes narrowed challengingly.

“I am Robin of Loxley,” the new boy said as he tapped his wooden sword on the stone floor, blue eyes as unforgiving as hers. “You’re in my secret place. Get out.”

She rolled her eyes. “We found it first. This place is ours now.”

The space in question was hardly as big as a lady’s closet, but it was warm and smelled of the delicious foods being cooked in the kitchen below. There were no windows and it didn’t have a proper door, only a space where one could crawl in, if one slipped to the back of the dry larder and scaled the wall.

“It’s been mine all winter,” Robin protested, making his case.  “Where did you peasants come from anyway? Don’t you have some work to be doing?”

“We’re not peasants,” Merry said. He knelt at the far corner of the small space, tending some mystery with his back to both of them. “Do you like... cinnamon?”

“Well, I think you’re a pea…

Fic: Wednesday to Work

Wednesday to work by Nix Winter

All rights reserved copyright 2013

“So... people pay you for this?”

Just so you know... if you didn’t know already... that’s not a good thing to say to your spouse, not even on a peaceful Wednesday morning.

Corey has always been super serious about his work. It’s the only thing that rivals my value to him, so maybe I was a little jealous. Corey’s worth being jealous about.  Corey’s worth everything.

I’ve been a serious shit since the kidnapping too.

Someone once said that holding anger is like holding a hot coal.. it burns you more than the one you want to throw it at. I don’t know who said it. I used to care so much more citations and stuff.  

I miss those days... when I really gave a shit and I just thought I could ... I don’t know... own the world somehow. I thought law ruled the world and I was its favorite avatar.

Then shit happened.

I saw a friend die. That bothers me more than I know how to deal with. Okay... the bad guys caught me and they did really…

Poetry: Wilt

It’s not the anger that kills It’s not the distance to the stars that keeps us bound It’s just enough comfort that waiting wilting reclining letting go of that last breath it’s comfort that kills to just hide away and drink the dark as if silence were home and blindness safety curiosity and courage are light and life drink them - live

pic: Self portrait

Fic: Santa Clarita - Value of Us - 3

Santa Clarita - Value of Us - 3 By Pinkwhirlwind
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. I am reasonably certain it owns me.
Note: This is after Sandy gives into Japanese, and before Duo shows Heero his room in the comic.

Sandy didn’t have anything to say as he let himself out of the backseat, but Duo didn’t seem upset by the man’s quiet, so Heero accepted that it was just a normal behavior. Everything about this place only felt normal because Duo was accepting it as normal.
The house was a ranch style house, at least superficially. There was a tower that probably got labeled Victorian, but was really more steampunk (At least, that is the tower that Duo must have been describing when he said there was a steampunk tower.).  Other parts probably had names, but Heero had never taken a great interest in architecture.  He was impressed that one part of the house looked like it could be used as a sturdy bomb shelter. He found that comforting, until he thought about how it was probably a torn…