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Fic: The Value of Us - A Santa Clarita Side story

The Value of Us - Santa Clarita
by Pink Whirlwind
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.  
Note: This is the third in the Value of.. series. The Value of Two and the Value of One are on my site.  And good heavens... as I sit here at the bus stop, plotting story.. such crack fic.
The Value of Us

"It is so freaking strange?" Duo said, fingers laced behind his head.
"What’s strange?" Sandy asked.
"It’s strange to be waiting fer Heero at an airport - like he's just going to walk off - well like he's just a know - a normal guy."
Sandy, Duo's parole officer, stood next to him at the airport, waiting for Heero’s flight to arrive. "He is just a normal guy now, Duo, and so are you. This is just the start. You guys have a long life ahead of you."
"Yeah. We're gonna live forever, me in 'Ro,"
''Oh to be young. It so feels that way,” Sandy said a bit wistfully, before his eyes narrowed, “You're not working on any more strange m…

FB Rant on homosexuality

The horrific cruelty of the old testament IS degrading to the human experience in all levels. On July 8th's 700 Club Pat Robertson pointed out that his Holy Bible wants homosexuals stoned to death and told his viewers that if they tolerated homosexuals the land would 'vomit' them up.  Kindness, love, and peace are not to be found in that path.  I do love the lovely illusions in the world, but our illusions should not be used as an excuse to harm others. If all Christians did were say they thought homosexuality was harmful, then that's freedom of speech and annoying but nothing bad... what they actually do is make laws to restrict, talk about how the law ought to be a death sentence, threaten people with dire consequences.. that's not just expressing their ideas, that's actively seeking to harm another group of people.

Christian folk used to say that god made people Black and that was the mark of cain.. so that's why it was okay to be dreadful to black folk…