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Fic: The Value of One - gw, Santa Clarita, Heero POV

The Value of One by Pinkwhirlwind, aka Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Notes: This is the matching fic to the Value of Two, both are side fics, back story to Santa Clarita.
Warnings: Heero POV, potentially bastard like Heero.
The sound of his own voice came back to him repeatedly, with a dependable regularity. The reasons for telling Duo no, that no they could not run away together, escape whatever justice society had for them, no they couldn’t ‘fuck like rabbits’ on their way to Mars, those reasons were sound. He hated them nonetheless.
Memories of Duo came back in almost every moment that he wasn’t intensely involved in some other mission. He’d been assigned to a nice family in Boston. Then he’d been assigned to a nice family in New York. There was talk about transferring him to Sanq. He got transferred to Seattle. He made very nice with that family.  Painting their house may have been too nice. His foster mother suggested he take advantage of the therapy options available…

Fic: The Value of Two - Santa Clarita side story - One Shot

The Value of Two by Pinkwhirlwind aka Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Notes: These are the Duo and Heero from Santa Clarita, but set after the war and well before they got as involved in technology. They are seventeen.

“No.” Duo’s throat closed in on itself. Violet eyes lingered on the parole officer  who sat across from him. There was no fear, perhaps the slightest hint of boredom in slack lips, in the tilt of his head, one ankle across his knee. The word was actually very satisfying to say.
After another moment, the satisfaction lifted the corner of his mouth in a smile. It had been six months since he smiled and with that smile lifted a rage from his being and felt like just hitting high orbit, floating, even if one was still in a harness.
“Mr. Maxwell, I don’t think you understand your position. You were tried as a juvenile, but part of that plea deal required you to complete your high school program, to be compliant with your foster family. Another part of your requirement was …

A couple of pics

Fic: Santa Clarita 7/?

Santa Clarita 7 by Pinkwhirlwind
Disclaimer: I still don’t own Gundam Wing.
Notes: I can’t believe its been so long since I posted. I’m just writing this story for my own amusement, I think, but I hope someone else enjoys it.

Chapter Seven

I’m Heero Yuy. Before the war, I didn’t know that. I knew hunger and how to be a fucking effective predator. Odin might have given me one nice bit of advice, that to be fair, really saved me because it made me pause long enough to see the salvation that burned in my idiot’s violet eyes, but he was shit for a parent.  During the war I learned that I was Heero Yuy because that’s what Dr. J told me.
After the war I knew I was Heero Yuy because Duo Maxwell said he loved Heero Yuy and his love is more important than air to me.
Sitting on neatly folded pink comforter that belonged so some other doomed little girl, I watched my world sleep. He really is very beautiful, by which I mean his eyes are spaced just far enough apart, he has thick eyelashes that dema…