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Done for a friend at work

Jewls the Lucky

greater diversity

Pic I did for a friend at work. He's an alien playing a video game.

Comic: Santa Clarita - Duo goes to Prison

I've been working on this comic for .. .like two weeks. I day dreamed about cleaning it up and making it lovely. It's now Sunday night and I painted the door, trimmed the hedges, mowed the lawn, tried to resolve my library book issues with the library, and played with the new instance of Daz (which got me a 3d Heero which I will be adding at the end of this comic. It's also after 11 and I have to work tomorrow... so here it is, as I drew it. I hope the next chapter comes out better.

Other random art:

Heero... I so must explore this new render engine :)

Review: Star Trek - Into Darkness

Go! Just go see it! AMAZING!

*huge Heart*

The following.. I wrote it as a facebook comment.. then realized I didn't want to have that conversation when everyone else in the thread was... they should have chosen a person of color!

So this is over here ... and it might have some kind of spoilers in it... I also think there might be Star Trek fan art today!

I think that Sulu an Uhura are both super admirable, and neither of them are white. Spock might be white.. I'm not actually sure if he is or not, but he's completely not white bread.. he's alien and utterly admirable to Kirk an to the audience. The guy who saved his daughter and blew the lab wasn't white and I cared for him, understood him, could totally see myself doing what he did.. even the characters spoke of him being forced and still one of them. Khan comes from a time before they live in.. from a time, perhaps when people thought the best and brightest would be pale.. so their engineered god/monster.. took t…