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Pic: Duo screaming

I don't own Gundam Wing. I'm just playing. It's on Crunchy Roll last I checked. If you haven't seen it... it's worth watching.

Comic: Blood and Gore

I still don't own Gundam Wing.

I did, however, go to the dentist. It was an experience. It also inspired this comic. I thank you for being here and forgiving my poor art.

fic: Squid

by Nix Winter

All rights reserved
copyright 2013

This was written from a writing prompt on the writing group I'm on.  I think I could see Vin and Katheryn as a pair.

“Oi. No good will come of this. Mark my words, Chickie.” Vin said tiredly. He had no idea why he’d agreed to this. Being planetside was always a strain, even if it was needed sometimes, but watching an old mate’s new children was one of those things that always seemed like a better idea in the early hours than they did a few days later.

There were three kids, identical triplets with big dark brown eyes, faces like Shiva, and long black braids. Kira, Sira, and Tira, and as far as Vin felt in the moment, they might as well have been the triple incarnation of Kali.

“Oh it’s going to be fine,” Sira said sweetly, hands on her hips. She wore a sari with yellow flowers and bells around her ankles. For a thirteen year old human, she gave off a remarkable sense of authority. “It’s a very small portal.”

Vin, who was an e…

Fic: Tuesday Morning

Tuesday Morning by Nix Winter
Copyright 2013, all rights reserved

Note: This is part of my August and Anderson series and it takes place after the stories in Redeem Me. I have a feeling there will be another series of stories for them. They're such powerful characters.

August’s shadow stretched out into his closet, dark cool against pale hardwood floor. Clothes hung perfectly, neat, each hanger two fingers from the one before and the one after. Expensive cloth, professionally laundered by the household staff, each one was an artifact from a previous life. Standing there, he felt like he could see his former self choosing and debating, a wealthy privileged boy who thought he would never be touched by death. He’d been the hero. His will drove the world. Thinner now, chestnut hair longer, face unshaven, he wasn’t sure if he longed to be the shadow of himself deciding which five hundred dollar shirt to wear or if he hated that smiling idiot for the violence he hadn’t been able to protect …

Pic: Auggie does peace

This took like ten tries....but I like it.

Pic: Mission Accomplished

Work for your wishes!
A tree on my path

Poetry: Tree

Tree by Max
as oak stubborn as it too firm and tenacious
swirling as willow a million thoughts dancing on the  wind rolling tangles
fleeting as sakura tender life blushing pink
thoughts and dreams are flowers passion branches love the sap forgiveness the shape need the wood will the roots, deep and  spread
life walks on the bones of death today is built on yesterday thoughts flutter down as yellow leaves their was is fertile ground
I am a tree each morning my spring each night the only winter the stars my sky