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Rant: Gay Marriage from the Being Feminist FB page

Good Morning!
I’m Max! I’m not a content creator for this page. I’m a writer, the parent of grown children, a novelist, a transgendered guy, a feminist, a loud mouthed trouble maker, and an anime fan - among other things.
I hope all the people who left over JD’s post find their way back and bring some friends.
I am avidly pro gay marriage. I don’t agree with JD’s reasoning, but I see where it’s coming from and I could almost agree with it.
Humans are complicated beings. Pretty much every behavior we have ever had has had good and and bad impacts on various individuals.
Groups of humans self regulate by generating culture and normalized behaviors. We self homogenize over time. Individual water molecules do their own thing in their range, but the tides are still pulled by the moon towards the shore. For humans, our moon is our overall will to do what is right and have the approval of our peers.
My desire is for us to move towards equality being the right thing, freedom of choice, respect of…

fic: Santa Clarita 6/?

Santa Clarita 6 by Pink Whirlwind
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. I own a bunch of other characters that I don’t spend enough time pitching to the world.
This chapter has a lemon.. kinda two lemons. It's graphic and 1x2x1

Chapter 6
Heero’s tears didn’t last long. They never last long.
With Duo unconscious, mission mode came back with a vengeance.
The surroundings presented no obvious threat, no visible signs of war, no fortifications, and the only person in a uniform looked more like a lunch lady than a threat that could push Duo into self-destruct mode. She was heading straight for them though and looks could be deceiving. He hadn’t had time to assess Duo’s injury before his melt down. He’d sworn to Duo that he’d never do any re-training, but if anything ever indicated the need, that sure did.  Wearing just jeans and a tee-shirt, not the suit he’d original thought he’d wear, he hoped he’d look like he fit in, even if his chest was now darkened with Duo’s blood.
Shelly sat up o…

Sakura blossoms

comic: Santa Clarita Jobs: 1

I'm having so much fun with this story. Tomorrow is Sakura Con.  This is the first year that I'm probably not doing Duo.  I'm doing Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians.

Many thanks to my friend Teresa for letting me know some of the links on my books page weren't working! *falls over*

Pic: Santa Clarita 5

This is from Santa Clarita ch 5.. my new scanner isn't great, but I paid 4 bux at Goodwill... and I think it's better than my phone. My art my actually be getting better :) 

Fic: Santa Clarita 5/?

Santa Clarita 5 by Pinkwhirlwind

Disclaimer: I so don’t own Gundam Wing. I so wish.

Notes: This chapter is probably going to be delayed, even though it’s burning bright at the moment. I saw this episode of Dr. Who last night.. and its simply begging to be GW fan fic. Maybe today is a good day to draw comic. Heero and Duo vs the Daleks... My art better be better than the G boys vs Angry Birds. @.@

Chapter Five

Sleep had been the very best thing.  Staring in the mirror, shaving cream still thick on half his face, Heero ran a thumb down his bare cheek, imagining Duo was touching him instead. Duo owned so much territory in Heero’s brain that his touch was easy to simulate, his presence right behind him was easy to see, hard to dispute. In the wars, they hadn’t always liked each other, or been nice to each other, but even the cruelty thay’d shown each other had only been a mirror of their own inner worlds. As peace and healing settled around the world, they’d grown towards each other like two…