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fic: Santa Clarita 2/?

Santa Clarita 2/?
by PinkWhirlWind (Max)

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing isn’t mine. Sunrise, Soetsu own Gundam Wing. Santa Clarita isn’t a real town. All the events of this story are fictional, obviously :)

Notes: Implied 1/2.

Chapter Two

A lot of things had changed since the wars. Lots. I still do not like being shot. Crouching on the warm grass, broad daylight sunshine warming my back, the scent of my own damn blood dancing off through the air to tell any sensors or dogs or what the hell else that there was a easier than normal meal sitting around, I really... just wanted to go home. Home to the dishes I hadn’t done in a week because Heero wasn’t there to be offended, home to our bed, to his pillow that wasn’t gonna smell just like him when he got his over socially conscious ass home. Thinking about Heero or about killing the fuck out of Handsel - neither thought song was real helpful in the current moment. I knew that. Hell,  not even knowing for sure what year it was was going to make explaining why a bullet wound was closing itself ( even if it was painfully effectively) was gonna sound real bad if I was far enough back and in America. Demon. Time traveller. Tinker, tailor, madman. None of it was going to sound real helpful.

As I stood up, and torn muscle screamed at me and I hoped my  boys ate Handsel slowly.   They won’t, of course. Killing was taboo.  

Standing there, a shaky hand holding onto my useless left arm, I looked up at Earth’s beautiful yellow sun and smiled. Hell. It was time. All I had to do was stay alive and  get home. I’m probably walking through the door right after I fell into this shit, shit kicker boots on, Handsel’s kid in tow. The baby sitting fees are going to be astronomical. Fucker.

Walking took a bit more effort than I expected.  It had been a goodly while since I was in proper pain. Gun shot and being half electrocuted counted as real pain, let me tell you.  For just a moment, as I made it under some shade and the sudden change in light reduced my vision, I had a flash of my boys dying bad in some stupid and avoidable explosion. They were my kids, sure as Fucker’s kid was here and valuable, my babies were too.

I was so going to break my taboo on killing if any of them came to any harm.  

“Buddy, you okay?”

I looked up to find a nice, uniformed woman smiling at me. That was just so wrong. Uniforms and nice don’t go well together unless there’s a Heero in the equation. I smiled back though. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

Her eyes went to my shoulder and hanging arm, the couple cups of blood that I didn’t want to explain. Lies were taboo too. I grinned. “I’m fine. It just stings a bit, but I’m on my way to get it take care of. No issues.”

“Where are you from, son?” She asked kind as milk in chocolate. Genuine too, from what I could tell. She didn’t know me. I had to be farther back than I thought. And the son thing... I was 27 if I was a day, but I’d had a good cell scrubbing the year before, an in flush of the lastest nano-repairers, and damn, I was never all. Great medical when you’re 23 will not make up for half starving for when you’re fifteen. You’re still gonna be short.

“Uh, Seattle,” I said, hoping that’s where I was. The big yellow thing warming up the grass outside of the shadows said I probably wasn’t.

“Really? Always wanted to see the Space Needle.”

Me too. Wish like hell I hadn’t kicked it over during that one batttle. The new one’s real nice though. “Got a nice place to eat at the top.”

“So what’s your name,” she asked.

Standin still jus made it hurt more. I let go of my arm, put my hands on my hips like I didn’t have an megaflop of little robots working on pushing a bullet back out of my flesh. So... Okay.. they hadn’t been programmed to do that, but anyone can mod the programming if you got the skills and I have been shot before. If I was gonna have’em, I wanted’em to be able to do me some good for things that weren’t, real standard. At the time I thought it would be slick as shit to never have to go to Sally with another bullet hole. Heero said I was being paranoid. He didn’t think I’d ever get shot again. He underestimates the power of my mouth. “I’m Duo Maxwell. Thanks for being concerned and stuff, but I’m okay, really.”

“Where are your parents?”

Now isn’t that a lovely fucking question? Not born yet? Fuck if I know. “Doing parent things. I don’t know. I don’t wanna know. Do you wanna know what your parents’er doin on right now? Do ya really wanna?”

She snickered. “How old are you, Duo?”

I grinned, my very best teenager up to non-suspicious bad behavior smile. It gave me a couple of seconds to see if I could get my implants to connect with the internet in this time period.... find out where and when I was. Should have done that first, but well, I give myself some latitude on account of having been shot and half electrocuted.

The internet was not as kind. There wasn’t a wifi single for five hundred meters in any direction. God, I’d fallen into the 1950’s. Made my skin crawl. “I don’t suppose you’d believe me if I said I was twenty-six?”

“Nope. But I do want to get you to a doctor and see about calling your parents. What are their names?”

Fuck F. Knowe? “Quatrina and Trowa Winner-Maxwell,” I said, feeling only slightly guilty. When I got home, Q was going to act enough like a mother to make up for a decade and a half without one. “But really, I really am okay.”

“Have you done something that you ought to be in trouble for?”

“Not yet,” Duo said honestly.

“Then stop being so difficult. Be kind to me and let me have My friend Sally check out your shoulder. I’ll give you a Santa Clarita tee-shirt for your trouble and if there are no bodies laying around the park and you’re fine, then I won’t fill out any paperwork, no harm no foul. I just can’t have you walking around the park like that. You’re scaring people.”

“Deal.” I could use a new shirt. Blood wasn’t exactly fashionable and, to be honest, I wasn’t really up to running either. She looked like she could tackle a guy and put a boot in his back, if she had to.  “My doc, back home, her name’s Sally too. I hope yours isn’t as stubborn.”

“My name’s Elizabeth Hopkins. Most folk just call me Elle though, and you can too, as long as you haven’t killed anyone, Duo, okay?”

My eyebrow twitched. Q says it’s an externalization of guilt and more ambiguity. I just think it’s annoying. “I ain’t killed no one today,” I said, giving her a sweet and playful grin, “ I swear.”

“So you’ve killed people before,” she asked getting beside me and starting us walking. Clever fox.

I held out my hands lke an old style gaming system that I hoped she’d recognize. “Used to be quite the habit, but I’ve sworn off for a few years now.”

“That’s good. They say video games will make you fat and violent.”

“Once upon a time, they said the Earth was the center of the universe. Just cuz they say it, don’t make it so.”  I shoved my hands into my pockets, which took some of the pressure off my shoulder. I also ran into my phone and that it won’t reach out to Heero made the distance between Earth and L1 seem far fucking far indeed.

“So you like science, or is it history?”  She held open the front door to her patrol car, letting me sit in the front passenger seat.

She’s lucky that a) I’m not her boss and b) I’ve given up a lot of old habits.  “Science. My SI likes history, but then he’s a little into everything.”

“You’re gay,” she said, eyes wide, mouth open.

I might as well have said something like, ‘I bathe in bugs’ or something really creepy. Her response reminded me how much I really don’t like the ‘50’s. Heero read some book once where a gay guy got half beat to death in an alley. Until her question, I’d been pretty sure that was just some random stupidity like people believing in witches or something crazy. There was a touch of anger in my smile when I asked, “You got a problem with it?”

“It isn’t against the law anymore,” she said.

But then, I suppose neither is bathing in bugs.

The ride to the clinic where her pet doctor lurked was silent and, part of me wanted to apologize. I had kind of liked her, but I couldn't see how being gay was here or there. I mean, it wasn’t like I was hittin on her SI or something. “So... being gay was illegal here?”

Like a good police officer, she kept her eyes on the road. “Well, certain acts that young men ought not know about were illegal. Your boyfriend isn't older than you, is he?”

Well, we were the same age. I suppose I’ll have a few on him when I get back to 2043.  “ Doesn't matter. He’ll love me no matter what.” I expect I sounded like an idiot, but it’s true. Heero will love me no matter what happens and me him.”

“Do your parents know?”

The town outside the window looked so simple, such a fairytale place, mostly. I had to think the best of the officer driving me around as if I were just some lost kid. “Yeah,” I said, remembering Trowa’s response when I told him. “They knew before I did.”

“Where are you from again?”

Oh god... Had I said? I don’t think I lied earlier, but I was messed up enough to wonder. “Seattle.”

“I guess they’re pretty.. liberal up there.”

Ooc: I’m going to end the chapter here... to tired to write more. Tomorrow is another day!

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