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fic: Santa Clarita 2/?

Santa Clarita 2/?
by PinkWhirlWind (Max)

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing isn’t mine. Sunrise, Soetsu own Gundam Wing. Santa Clarita isn’t a real town. All the events of this story are fictional, obviously :)

Notes: Implied 1/2.

Chapter Two

A lot of things had changed since the wars. Lots. I still do not like being shot. Crouching on the warm grass, broad daylight sunshine warming my back, the scent of my own damn blood dancing off through the air to tell any sensors or dogs or what the hell else that there was a easier than normal meal sitting around, I really... just wanted to go home. Home to the dishes I hadn’t done in a week because Heero wasn’t there to be offended, home to our bed, to his pillow that wasn’t gonna smell just like him when he got his over socially conscious ass home. Thinking about Heero or about killing the fuck out of Handsel - neither thought song was real helpful in the current moment. I knew that. Hell,  not even knowing for sure what year it was was going to make expl…

Comic: Max in the Stars 1

So needs cleaning up... but there's not enough time in the day and Santa Clarita is burning a hole in my mind! And a werewolf story.

Fic: Santa Clarita 1/?

Santa Clarita
by  PinkWhirlWind (Max :) )

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing and am never likely to.

Notes: Mention of tragic child death, set years after the war, Heero and Duo are a couple,

Chapter One
For a moment, there were they were both there, just standing there in Hansel’s laboratory. Duo’s eyes narrowed slowly. Violet took on a particular shade of violet that said their was going to be hell to pay. For those that knew it, it was a lot like the shake of a rattler’s tail. Hansel swallowed.

The golden light of his experiment flickered and clashed, growing as Hansel pushed the energy feed a little further open.

It was all about the maths, really. Neither one of them was exactly risk adverse and neither one of them was going to back down. Duo was technically the supervisor in charge, but only by default because Heero would have been running this division of Yuy Astronautics. Duo had come in under Heero’s umbrella later and was really more interested in bio-tech, but Heero had had t…

Like Money

New Gundam Wing Comic... I obviously don't own Gundam Wing..Sunrise does or so.
The song they're singing to each other is by the Wonder Girls.. "Like Money"