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Halloween Fun

So this is my contest post!

To enter, just comment on this post!

Now.. for what you can win...

1.  I'll write you 300 words of anything you want. Of course, you have to tell me what you want, at least some ideas of something.. or you're going to end up with 300 words of Duo Maxwell sitting In Heero Yuy's lap when he's not supposed to be.

2. An ebook from my catalog. Saving Lira is new, of course. It's menage, m/f/m, but there are lots of options!

You can pick, which ever one you want!

So! Let's have a fun Howloween! I should come up with a fantastic werewolf story, shouldn't I?

For those of you who've been reading my stuff for a while,  you'll know who Taylish and August are... which one of them might you like to see afflicted with lycanthropy?  There should be a poll on the side of the blog here.

Saving Lira by Faith Luna
Note:  There are actually a couple stories that start with the same few hundred words. I hope you like this one! 
Blurb: Lira h…


This is a pic I composed a while ago. The photo is mine. I just seem to really like taking photos.  Can you believe we're almost to a new years?

Fic: A Saturday in the Fall

A Saturday in the Fall by Faith Luna Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved. 
This is a sexual explicit story between two very strong and human men. Read at your own risk. One of the characters is a Catholic priest, just in case these are not familiar characters :) 

The rectory hid a very small garden. High brick walls surrounded the small space, barely enclosing a tall maple, a couple of rose bushes, and a small tool shed. Someone in the neighborhood barbecued, layering grilling brats over the leaves that had turned to ash some time earlier in the day. A beautiful, still warm Saturday, leaves drifted lazily and the best of intentions felt the coming of winter like extra longing for one more apple, one more warm afternoon before the cold promised to last forever.  
Father Anderson slowly pulled the rectory door closed behind him. Neatly trimmed red hair managed to be just a bit deeper and more vivid than the falling maple leaves. Green eyes softened and a very slight smile lifted the corner of …

Contest! Redeem Me

Good Morning! So some of you may have read Redeem Me already, but if you comment and want a different book, that can be arranged.  So to enter.. just post a comment on this blog entry!

Title: Redeem Me By: Faith Luna (Nix Winter/Sebastian Blade) Publisher: Faith In The Moon Genre: yaoi, m/m, contemporary, paranormal, illustrated, and it might even count as inspirational.  Buy Link:  Amazon: AllRomance: Rating: NC17... Contains graphic sex, language, and violence
Blurb:  This story spans Corey and August's lives. To know the way forward, sometimes you have to know where you've been. Law is not very good for redemption. To redeem his lover, August will have to venture into faith, which may be a little hard for a man who seduced his lover in his limousine the first day they met and nearly lost him after sex at a nightclub. For the first time in his life - love becomes…

fic: Wishes 1 of ?

by Max aka Pinkwhirlwind

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

Note: I’m working on three versions of this story, but GW gets me to write when nothing else will. This is a fantasy story, a genie and magic.. and while there might seem like character death, if you’ve ever read my stuff, you know I can rarely let that stand.

Duo hated the tie. They just didn’t make ties that were good for anything more than sex games and getting strangled by. Courts required more than facts though. Appearance somehow made facts seem more or less true. Duo fidgeted with his tie, stilled under Wufei’s glare, and tried to not look as irritated to be in court as he was.  He really wished judges would take recorded testimony.

“Maxwell,” Wufei said firmly. “Stop behaving like you’re a child. For the next two hours, I’d like you to behave like a captain in the Preventers, multi-decorated, and highly skilled.”

“Yeah?” Duo said, eyes narrowed, “I am a Preventer captain, multi-decorated, with great skills. I’d …