Fic: Short

By Pinkwhirlwind

Notes; probably a one shot, 1x2x1

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. I'm writing this on the bus, with my thumbs for fun, so typos are probably a given.

"So that's it," Heero said, neutral, calm.

"Fuck," Duo said, neither neutral nor calm.

Ten years since the wars, they'd both been Preventers, they'd gone to college. They'd had a fantastic wedding that hadn't changed their day-to-day in the slightest. They'd adopted two kids, one of whom had grown up and moved away to college. It was a freaky twist of fate to be twenty and have parents who were twenty five. The other, a three year old little girl rescued from people trying to carry on Dr. J's work, had been targeted and murdered by religious extremists who wanted to protect the purity of the human race. Heero's response was the build up years of his own abuse and the loss of his little,

"Five years in jail isn't the end of the world," Duo said cheerfully. "We can get a different berth off this rock after. I can do five years."

“No,” Heero said firmly.

Duo stood, fists on his hips, staring two very small boxes.  

Heero sat on the couch, dark glasses hiding his eyes. "You would not survive prison. We both know that. The outcome is the same. At least this way," he said, voice lowering as he spoke, “we can communicate for many years to come.”

"Fuck." Duo snarled, chewed his lower lip. "We're only ten kilo over."

"It is still possible to amputate right below my knee," Heero pointed out.

"No. You're a fucking amazing doctor. They are going to regret bumping you for that other hack. Stupid fucking bastards."

Three years before both of them had signed contracts for long term space exploration. With a tight crew of thirty, Duo as captain, Heero as chief medical officer, and that voided the manslaughter conviction.  Unfortunately that didn't appease the followers of the religious leader Heero had killed. They’d killed an innocent little girl. Duo carried out his own justice on the group as well, but unlike Heero, he’d not left any bodies and he hadn’t fucking confessed to anything when asked.

Of the the two of them, Heero was definitely the good guy.

Duo would have killed the woman who threw acid in Heero’s face because of what he did to her guru if Trowa hadn’t arrested her first and Heero hadn’t made him swear not to hurt her.

“I love you, Heero Maxwell-Yuy. I won’t leave you.”

The ship’s board had canceled Heero’s contract after he lost his eyes.  It would be another two years of healing before there was even a chance of prosthetic eyes, but they weren’t willing to take a chance.  To keep Duo, they’d allowed him to spend his weight allowance on bringing Heero. Heero couldn’t afford to lose much muscle, but they’d both leaned down as much as they could. They’d sorted the physical objects down to what they really didn’t want to live without. Duo’s cross, their wedding rings, the Bible they’d gotten the day they adopted Carrie, genetic samples recovered from the lab where Carrie had been - genetic samples that were likely from Heero’s birth mother. All together their material objects came to three kilos. Leaving them all would not get Heero on the ship.

“It will be okay, Duo. Technology will improve. Maybe I can catch up.” Heero stood up, reached out, closed his hand over Duo’s hand.

The sob caught Duo by surprise and he threw his arms around Heero’s neck. Heero pulled him close, lifting him off his feet a little. “I love you, Duo Maxwell-Yuy. Even if we’re apart, I am still with you.” Rubbing Duo’s back, he tugged on his braid.

Duo stiffened. They’d been together for a year before Duo let Heero touch his braid casually. On bad days, it was still not something that was very welcome.

“I’m sorry. We’ll get through this.”

Duo’s hand few to his waist, to the utility blade sheathed there. Heero’s hand laid over his, calming, questioning.

“Kiss me,” Duo whispered, voice shaking. “Hold me, kiss me.”

Heero ran his fingers into Duo’s hair, combing it back as he leaned closer, pressing his lips to Duo’s a little of his fear and anxiety showing. Duo lifted up onto his toes pressing into the kiss, his tongue teasing its way into Heero’s mouth. He bit Heero’s lip gently and a quick jerk later, he pulled back. “Step up on the scale with me.”

“It’s not going to read differently,” Heero cautioned.

“For me. Kiss me while we’re on it. Maybe.”

“God, I love you so much, Duo. Nothing will ever change that, nothing. Not light years, not anything.”

“Then just step up on the scale one more time.”

“I’ll do anything you ask of me, Duo, always.”

Still holding to each other, they stepped up on the scale together, kissing each other as the moved, almost like a dance. The scale clicked and a moment later read “One hundred twenty-seven kilos.”

“How?” Heero hissed, hands gripping Duo’s shoulders. “What have you done?”

Duo dropped the knife, guided Heero’s hand to the back of his head. Strong fingers threaded through short silky brown hair. “Duo...”

“You’re more important.”

Happy kisses are the best kind.


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