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WIP: Saving Lira

Fic: Short

By Pinkwhirlwind

Notes; probably a one shot, 1x2x1

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. I'm writing this on the bus, with my thumbs for fun, so typos are probably a given.

"So that's it," Heero said, neutral, calm.

"Fuck," Duo said, neither neutral nor calm.

Ten years since the wars, they'd both been Preventers, they'd gone to college. They'd had a fantastic wedding that hadn't changed their day-to-day in the slightest. They'd adopted two kids, one of whom had grown up and moved away to college. It was a freaky twist of fate to be twenty and have parents who were twenty five. The other, a three year old little girl rescued from people trying to carry on Dr. J's work, had been targeted and murdered by religious extremists who wanted to protect the purity of the human race. Heero's response was the build up years of his own abuse and the loss of his little,

"Five years in jail isn't the end of the world," Duo said …