Review: A Side of Salad

Title: A Salad on the Side
Author: Karenna Colcroft
Publisher: MLR
Opinion: Go read it. It’s good.

Good god. I don’t read enough. I really don’t. There was a time when I read a book a day. Now it’s more like a couple books a year. It’s odd having someone else’s thoughts in my head when they are so different than my own. Colcroft’s thoughts are firm though, her character’s voices strong and confident, solid in themselves, even if they’re as different from my thoughts as oak is from blown glass.

A Salad on the Side is more first person than I’ve really enjoyed before, but it still had a very solid feel for me, even if it really makes me know how different fiction is than when I was reading a lot. Kyle is a well developed and very human voice. I liked him a lot. I loved Tobias too. For that matter, I very much liked the whole cast of characters.

The sex in it is vanilla by my tastes, but really tasty. The boys just fill me with a glowing warmth that has me smiling as I write this. Makes me want to draw them.  And I just might.. because nothing says go read this fucking book like fan art :)


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