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Fic: Grounds for Divorce

Grounds for Divorce
by Faith Luna
All rights Reserved
It's f/m, though if it continues.. it'll be m/m

It was the middle of what IO reckoned to be nighttime, the better way to dawn than not, even if ‘dawn’ was timed by an AI that just did not take bribes. Chastity had tried. In that particular moment, he was trying something else entirely. He traced his fingers along the edges of his cards, his face stoic and completely emotionless, except for the very slight hitch to his breath when his fingers touched the third card, the same thing he’d done when he’d in deep on a failing full house bid. The game had gone for twenty-six hours already and anyone who wasn’t spicing or well free of dirt kicker constraints had failed long ago. 

That left a miner with sharp slits of dark eyes that Chastity read as more predatory hunger than any real love of poker. He was pretty sure that the miner was a female, but this far into the game, he really couldn’t tell for sure and it didn’t really matter, except that all information helped at this point. 

The other contender was a professional poker player named Aris who was probably working to pay for all the mods that he was probably addicted to. Dark hair, Earth sky blue eyes, rosy lips, and body contours like fine are that were designed to keep a person’s eyes firmly entertained with his beauty. Good strategy, unless you were in the last round with a probably cannibalistic miner from IO and Sun Elf that was likely to live as long as the sun and more than happy to wait a couple decades to make bed origami with you. 

Now it wasn’t how pretty you were, how hungry you were, or even how patient. It was how well the river liked you. Or how well you could lie. 

Besides it wasn’t like Chastity wasn’t pretty himself and hungry. Golden hair hung to his shoulders, pale against creamy caramel skin, eyes green as forests he’d never seen, he eyed the river, then stood on the bid. 

The minor eyed him. He got the distinct feeling that she was wondering what elf tasted like and he was absolutely sure she wasn’t thinking about orgasms and origami.

He smiled back at her, charming and harmless, a timeless elf boy who really didn’t care about the outcome at all, just playing for the fun of it, just possessed of extraordinarily good luck. He smiled a little brighter, all sunlight and warmth. The scent of rare tropical flowers wafted subtly around the table.

Aris’ eyes narrowed and he sat up straighter, an entirely different kind of hunger in those beautiful blue eyes. 

Chastity’s smile wavered. He figured he could outrun the miner if he needed to, but Aris had devoted fans and that was going to be harder to evade, if shit came to bad. There was no way to tamp down his glamor now that it had activated though, not in the moments it was going to take to finish this hand. There was nothing worse than out prettying the vain scalpel addict when you were trying to sucker’em. 
Aris’ micro expressions might as well have been a growl. He went all in. 

Chastity gave up his game, went all in, eyes as hard and challenging as Aris’. 

The miner snickered, actually snickered and folded. Come what may, she just took at least second place. 

Aris and Chastity both looked at her. She smiled back smugly. Aris and Chastity studied their cards. The last river card turned. Ace of Hearts.

They both grinned like victorious politicians. 

Aris laid out a pair of kings and then an ace, which meant to pairs, aces over kings. 

Chastity laid his cards out with a flourish. Two ladies and two aces, but with the one on the table that made a full house. Aris just got third place. The dark haired beauty’s hair stood on end. Chastity leaned back from the table, hands up, until his view of the door gave the miner first place because he really had to go. 

The crowd in the casino parted like a school of little fish faced with a rising tsunami. The stairs leading up to the entrance ended at sunlight embodied. Taller than most humans, taller than Chastity, Princess Lissara radiated warm, life giving sunlight. Her golden hair unbound and writhing around her as if her own life energy were just too powerful to be contained or even slightly passive, she stood in the entrance and stared right at Chastity. 

He went pale as January. 

She wasn’t wearing anything except her long hair and sunlight. There were very good reasons that sun elves had been fertility deities to early humans. 

Aris groaned. He was getting third place all around today. “Who the hell is that, Elf. I thought you were gay. Your girlfriend looks like she’s going to eat you up right here on the care table.”

Chastity swallowed hard. “Yeah. That’s my wife, I think.”

The miner snorted, managed to smile and show off a double row of very sharp little teeth. “You think? Where were you at the wedding?”

“Tenth round in a poker tournament,” Chastity hissed, mind scrambling to come up with a good exit strategy. “I figured if I wasn’t there, there won’t be a wedding.”

“I think they married you in absentia, old boy,” Aris said. “Perhaps you should collect your winnings and run like hell.” 
Chastity nodded. He pushed his sleeve up, passed his built in data processing over the data feed on the table, collecting his second place win, then knocked over his chair as he fled. He was fast, faster than even a modified human, but she was literally like the sun, blotting out the casino’s lighting, bringing noon to room that functioned best in perpetual midnight. 

He dodged, jumped up onto the bar top to run along it and avoid some of the people who were starting to go into hysterics. A fireball hit him, tingling over his skin, making golden hair dance around his shoulders, turning his human made clothes to ass. There were screams. He was pretty sure one of them was his. His hand was reaching out for the fire exit when she tackled him, her hair ensnaring his arms, his legs, her body like the weight of gravity itself, pinning him to the all. 

“Hello my love,” she said sweety, her breath sweet and tenderly warm against his ear. “I missed you at our wedding.”

“Uh,” he said, trying desperately to remember any of the very plausible and reasonable sounding excuses he’d planned for just this moment. “Aahhhhhh!”

Hard silky slippery entered his body, slowly working its way up into his tender living ass, which he realized was naked and in a casino that he liked very much to play cards in. She pinned him from behind, her hair wrapped around his wrists like unforgiving and intractable tentacles, pulling his arms out to the side. “This is how you like it, don’t you, darling? Hard up your ass? I could have pretended to be a human male for you.”

“Get off me!”

“You are a selfish child,” she hissed. “I watched humans scrabble with each other when they thought gunpowder was exciting. I snogged Voltaire. I slept with Marilyn Monroe. You are the first of our kind that will be fertile with me. The first, you selfish little bastard. There are four female sun elves remaining. There are fifty males. There are three fertile ones and only one that will be fertile with me. We’re married and as long as you’re my husband, you are going to give me what I ask for once a month. It doesn’t matter where you run, where you go. I will follow you.”

“This is rape!” he whined, even though his cock was hardening, breath deepening. 

“We are animals no less than the humans. We must reproduce in some ways.”

“Cloning! I’m in favor of cloning,” he squeaked, now leaning back against her. He didn’t know what it was that wrapped around his cock, stroking, what curled around his balls, but he couldn’t honestly say he wanted it to stop. “Ever think about science!”

“Yes, darling,” she said as whatever she had inside him found his prostate and did something to it that was a cross between loving sunlight and demanding lightning 

He screamed like he meant it. 

“I prefer the old ways,” she said when he had calmed down enough to be able to hear her. “As long as you are my husband, you will obey me. You will serve the needs of our line.”

“I want a divorce,” he screamed and he meant that with all his will too. 

She wanted five more donations from him and one of them got what they wanted. 

He hung in her restraints, dizzy and washed out. “Seriously! I divorce you!”

“What do you think this is? Patriarchy? If you actually want a divorce, you’ll need to find someone to fuck that isn’t me. Humans don’t count. Fuck them all you want, if you can get it up after serving me. My sisters will never have you because they will get some of your nice fertile seed from me anyway. Why would we free you? The men of our line would never because one of them might take your place. No one has seen nor heard of any other of our cousins in a thousand years, two thousand. Even if you did find some fool to have sex with, the elder matriarch would never release you unless you could find another way for us to reproduce. As your primary activity seems to be silly games of chance and fucking humans, I doubt you can accomplish either of these tasks.” She traced her tongue along his ear. “You are delicious my love. Be somewhere private next month. I want to play more than this. Do not disobey me.”

Then she was gone, nothing more than a zip of fairy light.

Coughing, he dropped to his knees, then forward to his hands. He felt way too open, literally. 

Aris dropped a trench coat over him. “My friend, I know a lawyer.”

“I don’t need a lawyer,” Chastity wheezed. “I need a lover. I have to find elves.” 

“Yeah,” Aris said doubtfully. “I can buy you a drink.” He held out his hand, which Chastity took, getting shakily to his feet. 

“I really need a whiskey.”

“I didn’t know a man could squeal like that.”

“Dick,” Chastity growled, but let the pretty man lead him to the bar. “I’ve got to go to Earth.”

“Good luck with that. No visas have been granted in years.”

Chastity ran a hand through his hair, accepted first the whiskey, then a bigger drink of energy replacement. He’d been living like a human for too long. 


His wife was wrong. Poker was not all he did. He hadn’t slept in almost a hundred years. It hadn’t bothered him any. What he did with that time was build things. He had his own ship, registered with the government all nice and proper, only legally modified. No obvious stealth or illegal speed, but he also had Daphne. Daphne was as legal as he was human - might pass if a person didn’t look real close. 

The rig inside Daphne was living fiber that seeped into his skin, danced with his nerves, suspending him in the core of a long cone shaped body, with a huge ion burner at the end. It looked rather like a black dandelion spore. Daphne was illegally fast and made of stealth. As she spiraled to life, dropping away from Kingdom, he let himself become one with her and flash towards Earth. There were other elves. There were. He was going to find them. Fuck the hell out of at least one of them. If there weren’t, he was going to clone some and then he’d masterbate on the beach, but he was getting a divorce!

What felt like moments later, he was in Earth’s atmosphere, singing out in the oldest Elfian he knew, looking for any response, so he’d know where to find his cousins.


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