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Pic: Duo on a Colony

Promo: Giving Lancelot

Title: Giving Lancelot
by Faith Luna
Genre: m/m, historical, 1300’s, interracial
Rating: PG 13, for violence

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can borrow it for free and all :)

It’s only a short story, but it was an intense story. In 1349 the Black Plague was eating Europe and people didn’t know anything about bacteria or antibiotics. Possibly as many as twenty-five million people died. In February of 1349 Strausbourg would liquidate its Jewish quarter. Perhaps as many as persons would be burned alive. It is said that people pulled young children from the arms of their parents. These children would have been baptised and raised as Christians. It is a far and distant world. It wasn’t a good world to be gay in. My main character, Thybaut, has fallen in love with a Jewish man. This is what happened to them the weekend of the purge.


From the first day he’d seen Crispen, he’d dreamed of some similar adventure. Never ha…

Comic: Hatter (GW)

Sooo It goes without saying that I still do not own the rights to Gundam Wing. I hope you enjoy this drabble of mine.


Comic: August and Anderson: What Happens when you Don't go to Therapy

These characters.. Corey and August, are from Redeem Me, which is a full sized novel and not for children.  I think you'll like it though. It's one of my favorite books: Redeem Me

Fic: Sworn

by Faith Luna
The story and Simone belong to me. The idea of knights and battle belongs to everyone. Adrian belongs to J.
Happy Birthday, J!

All Rights Reserved.
Copyright 2012

Simone knelt, his maile heavy on his shoulders, bare hands resting the guard of his sword, the same carefully maintained sword that he’d carried into lands which his king had given him. The sword had been his on the day his father and brother had died. They were meant to be lords, both of them, dignified and honorable, the kind of men who looked good in velvet, who could stand easily by kings, as that was where they’d belonged. He had never been the kind of man to stand comfortably by the powerful. His hands were better suited steadying a mare or freeing a lamb from places it shouldn’t have been.  His demesne knew the work of his hands. The timber he’d felled, hewn, set in place for chapel and silo, stables and homes, he had sweat himself into the being of his village. He’d never wished to be lord, nor dreamed …

Fic: The Backpack 1/?

The Backpack
by Faith Luna

copyright 2012
all rights reserved

Chapter One

“If you work hard, you will succeed!” The voice echoed cheerfully, the sound filling the metal corridors.

“I still don’t believe it,” Nace said, again. “Did she really think she could just... decline the promotion?”

There were two of them, drudging with no great urgency down a narrow metal corridor. They wore company issued overalls, grey with their patron’s logo emblazoned on their backs. Nace had once a second sponsor who also had.

Sam shrugged. “Who knows? Maybe she was crazy. You know how the really desperate get.  She had nice tits, but who knows what she was doing with her money? If she’d worked it she’d have easily been up twenty levels rather than down here in the guts. I saw it, you know.”

“You saw her turn him down?”

Sam nodded, smirking. “I was pulling a shift in the consumable mall. She was pretty, I’m telling you, really nice tits. I don’t know what he was doing down there. He was all posh in black, beauti…