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Rant: Against Capitalism

  • Julian Duo Maxwell Okay! This is better! Each human mind is able to think, to create, to have ideas, to see the world in ways that others might not be... each mind has the potential to provide survival resources for the rest of us. The environment we live in is not kind and gentle and created by an all loving god to sustain us. There is no god. Extinction is possible, and even likely. There are a great many very dangerous threats to our existence all the time. Even our own success is a threat to us. Unlike some animals, we think in abstracts, we think in possibilities, about what we would like to have and then we go and we build it.

    That ability to dream and build is vital to our survival. We must expand our territory off this planet if we are to survive. This planet has insufficient resources to sustain a population of our size and just simply culling to a smaller population is neither practical nor preferable. Eventually our sun will expand and this planet will become uninhabitable. If we are not off this planet by then - we will die.

    We can not afford the luxury and comfort of believing without reason, of finding comfort in in-group behaviors for the sake of belonging.

    We need ever mind we have to work towards solutions. We need those solutions to be owned by us all, not by select gangs that can gain control of them.

    The aim of monetary profit is resource control. What you do with money is you buy things. Things are resources used for survival and status in our groups. Right now health care is rationed according to personal wealth and social status. The rich and the popular receive care, while others do not. Education has been rationed this way as well.

    Both of these behaviors are to our detriment and increase the odds of species death.

    The most powerful resource on this planet is the human mind, human creativity, human drive to create and become.

    We should educate everyone who wishes to come forward and be educated. We no longer have to print paper or even take the time of a living human being to provide such education. Esteemed places like MIT and other universities are actually doing this now... providing education to whoever in the world wants it.

    We work towards providing human beings with internet access, with the ability to consume and share ideas.

    We are working on cheap health care tech that should be available to everyone from Ethiopia to Seattle. Human beings should understand the function of the human body, be able to self diagnose, and request treatment. We are working towards this. Humans must be responsible for themselves.

    We will develop printers... and are at this moment having the beginning of them.. where we can print objects we need... all we would need is the data.

    Ayn Rand is said to have said that objectivism is, "..the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute."

    I agree with that. I think that man can be neither heroic nor happy, have no nobel activity, no achievements... and indeed comes to forget reason itself as he is bound to the yoke of another man's field. Wage slaves struggle to fulfill their master's wishes, containing how they dress, giving up personal information, allowing others to dictate their time and efforts and thoughts.... in exchange they are allowed rationed health care, enough resources to survive, and required by law to be allowed some time free from their work place. They are, of course, free to leave their work place and in so doing, unless they have gained enough resources they lose access to health care and other vital options.

    Laws that would allow these people to buy health care in a free and open market place are vilified by those who wish to keep them enslaved.

    I long for the day when corporations do not chose what we know or who lives and dies.
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  • Julian Duo Maxwell Ayn Rand argued for the power of the mind, the triumph of reason.... the greatest way to have those things is to have human rights, human dignity, basic access to resources and incentivize ingenuity, creativity, education, and innovation... do you argue instead that control by corporations which has lead to a society so lethargic and unreasoning that we die of obesity and don't even try to reach stars... we just grind away at our master's wheels, laughing at reality TV, and hoping we have enough faith in the sky fairy that we don't get sick.... that's a disgusting world where capitalism eats human minds like zombies would eat brains... except that capitalism is real.
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