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Fic: Space Boys in Blue (2+5, lemon implied)

Lessons in Blue
or Space Boys in Blue
by Pinkwhirlwind

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing

Pairings: 2+5, lemon implied
Happy Birthday, Myresa! I’m sorry it’s late!

Challenge words: Poem, sprinkles, cherry, peacock, blue, and four.

There are probably things one can not take down, eventually, given enough fire power. Duo hadn’t actually found any of those objects yet.  Sun Tzu probably said some shit about how whoever has more fire winn-th or maybe that was said by some Admiral who used to sail a wooden ship across seemingly huge oceans of blue. Gundams aren’t made out of wood, but they will burn if you toast them long enough. “Wu-man,” Duo teased flippantly, “We’re fucked.”

Yes, they had actually taken out an OZ base, quite handily. They hadn’t meant to work together. It was just serendipitous - like Chinese catsup on American burgers. The fact that they’d both gotten there and worked well together, as good or better than if they’d actually planned it worked in their favor too. Where the four extra mobile doll carriers had come from, Duo didn’t know. What he really wanted to know though was who the hell was controlling them. They didn’t move like AI.. they moved like someone with some skills.

Deathscythe blocked a rather large shoulder missile, beam scythed four of the vermin. Duo was never gonna believe that Scythe didn’t feel as much satisfaction as he did in sending such ugly machines to the scrap yard. “Wu?”

The strain in Wufei’s voice was steel wool through the speakers. “Leave me alone Maxwell. Depart. I will detain them.”

“Don’t be an idiot,” Duo snapped back. The battle, going into the second half of the hour now, waged high in the atmosphere and they were a good five hundred ground miles from where they were supposed to be. They were being driven and their opponent was too smart to being it by accident. If they separated the odds of death for one or both was way too high in Duo’s mind. “I’m not leaving you until I get to fuck you.”

“As if I would ever touch an idiot like you,” Wufei spat back

Duo read the timber, the cadence.  “Oh Baby, you worried about me?” Reacting to movement in his side camera, Duo spun twirled his scythe, green plasma redirecting out the base and into not a mobile doll but an actual mobile suit. He ended the pilot’s problems and future tax liability. “Wu... you ass, you should have caught that!”

A concussion rocked Scythe from behind. Smoke tendrils up from his control panel, lazy like slow cigarette smoke after sex. “Wu!” When he got no response, he decided the faux cigarette smoke was an omen. He spun his scythe again, gutted Wu’fei’s primary navigation controls, then turned, latched his racking clamps on Shenlong, hoped like hell it was secure, then threw the energy he’d been using for environmental controls into his cloaking system, expecting his system to try to cover everything he was attached to. Damage to his precious baby let a sharp clap of static through and it rolled through him, making his teeth hurt. He released a collection of smoke and concussion bombs as he dragged a damaged Shenlong up higher into the atmosphere. His cloak won’t last that long, especially not in a banged up crack of a gundam with very minimal environmental controls.  The longer their successful flight lasted and Wufei hadn’t responded, the more he felt he’d done the right thing.

Twenty minutes out, no pursuit that he could detect, he figured he’d fucked over someone’s day and that was almost as good as killing all those mobile dolls. He really wanted to know who was piloting them.


“Wu-tttles! You’re alive! Does that mean I can’t have Shenlong for salvage?”

“Asshole,” Wufei snarled. “What have you done?”

“Well, first I blew up a base real good,” Duo teased, checking their location, running calculations in his head. “You know anything about Montana? I hear they have bears there. You like bears? I like bears. They look fuzzy.”

“Montana,” Wufei said, “We’re almost to the safe house?”

“Gonna be at least a twenty mile walk, Wu,” Duo said. “And we’re going in for a landing here in about five minutes. You got anything you need to tell me about like.. you broken in anyways that are gonna be bad impacted by a possible ground churning touchdown baby,” Duo said the last as if he were talking about a winning football play.

“I have a broken leg,” Wufei admitted, shame embossing his voice.

“First broken bone, Wu-chan?”

There was a pause, then Wufei’s normal acid. “No, Maxwell-ra.”

“Damn, I thought maybe I was with you when you got your cherry popped for something,” Duo said with a fake pouty voice.

“I’m going to kill you, Maxwell.”

“Oh you would! If you could walk,” Duo teased. “So, hold on to something. We ain’t gettin no closer, sweet heart.”
As they moved down into the more dense  part of the atmosphere, forces of nature more unbending than either of them buffeted their machines, making them know exactly how small they were. Deathscythe went face first, keeping as much impact as he could off of Shenlong. Environmental systems at minimal, Duo sweated like Tahiti summer. He stripped of his coat, out of the sleeves, as much as he could without getting out of his harness. “So... Wu, if you could be any bird you wanted,” he grated out, “What would you be?”

“Peacock,” Wufei said dreamily.

“Peacock,” Duo snickered pee cock... yeah.

“What’s funny,” Wufei snapped, “Duo? How did you have the energy to pull this run? Are we still cloaked?”

“Yeah, are, and every thing’s about balance man, didn’t you tell me that? Why a pee cock?” Duo’s arms ached, holding the controls as energy began to fail in his systems and some environmental fuck up lashed them with … frozen water.... What the hell? Didn’t the reservoirs on Earth have good enough design to keep their water in the reservoir and not in the damn sky?

“They don’t fly,” Wufei said, “They are elegant. You chase things like a high strung kitten, so I’ll always have you chasing my tail.”

“Ah!” Duo nearly choked, “Wu? Did you just hit on me or are you about to die. If you’re gonna die, I’m gonna kill you, just so you know, cuz you’re my best friend. Damn, maybe you’re my only friend sometimes.”

“I am not your only friend.  You are paranoid and annoying,” Wufei growled, “But there must be many people who love you. You are brilliant, even though it’s hard to see at first glance. You’re beautiful. You’re a crucible. Where there was none, you make romance. Even if you’re entirely unsuitable.”

There was a pause. Duo’s hands started to feel the heat. Seconds and they’d be down. It would be good soon! “A poem? Was that a poem?”

“Yes, idiot that was a love poem.” Wufei said, “for you.”

“Are you sure that wasn’t for Sally or Heero?”

“Yes, when I make poetry for Sally, it will be more elegant, and for Heero more like haiku.”

“Asshole,” Duo whined.

Wufei broke into laughter, victorious laughter.
Death hit the ground on his feet, skidding like a snowboarder, arms up for balance. Warnings went off as they skidded across a frozen lake, spinning like very, very bad ice dancing pairs. Duo straightened a bit, but still bent enough to keep Shenlong’s feet off the ice. He put the end of his powered down scythe against the ice and pushed hard. They picked up speed and made it off the lake before the cracking started. Deathscythe made it to the other side, solid ground and ran up before sliding down the hill on the other side into a narrow valley of frozen water.. like unflavored slushie. He tried climbing back up, but only managed to slide back.

“Unlatch me, try then,” Wufei said.

“I’m outta go, man,” Duo whined. The heat was quickly giving way to cold. “Q knows where we are. He’ll send trucks.”

“Not in this blizzard,” Wufei pointed out. “At least it will bury us. Almost as good as cloaking.”

“Bury us,” Duo said.

“I can hear your big ass frightened eyes all the way over here,” Wufei said, “How can you be a demon in a battle, better strategy and vector calculation than most computers, but subject you to the minorest environmental inconveniences or deprive you food and you are like a hot house orchid.”

“Yeah, man, cuz I’m beautiful and rare,” Duo said, assessing his own damage. He wasn’t going to get his environmental controls back on. He’d burned too much energy. Already shivering, he slipped back into his jacket. There must be structural damage. It was going to be a bitch to replace. He typed out a message to Quatre, calm and peaceful. Q would get there as fast as he could and worrying him would only make things less pleasant all around. The last thing he wanted was be nagged or comforted to death if he was dying. “Fuck, I really wanted to have sex, Wu.”

“Is that all you think about?”

“Of course not.” Duo scowled. He had a week’s worth of water and rations. He unbuckled, opened up his kit. If he could seal his cock pit again, maybe he’d be only half frozen to death.

“Maxwell,” Wufei said, all authority and demands, “Your cockpit is losing heat.”

“No? Really? I don’t suppose you see where?”

“Turn your environmental controls back on while you find it. It looks like there are four leaks.”

“No can do, Wuffie,” Duo said, not sure whether he was glad or not that his video was out. “I don’t got enough energy to get it up man.”
“Then come over here,” Wufei winced as he moved Shenlong, positioning her right in front of Deathscythe, “I have two bottles of cherry pop.”

“Really?” Duo said wistfully. “Your cockpit won’t handle two.”

“Sure it will,” Wufie said, “Mine has a bed, small but I bet two could fit in it... if you help me set my leg.”

Shivering too much to move much more, Duo sank down into his command chair, tucked his hands under his arms. He was spacer born and bred, 30 degrees below just wasn’t gonna work for him. “It’s just the luck, you know, Wu? I ain’t got no virginity to offer you and I know damn well your cockpit ain’t got enough air for two for a week.”

“Idiot,” Wufei said tenderly, “We have a world of air. We can can vent in all the air we want and I have energy to warm it. I have cookies... with black sprinkles.”

“Really?” Duo cheered up. Maybe.. maybe it would be okay.

“Virginity means nothing to me,” Wufei said, “Come here.”

Duo lowered his hatch, found Wufei’s hatch already open, the beautiful dark haired pilot standing, leaning against his hatch, a makeshift splint already on his shin. Duo stepped out into the wind, his braid tangling with the snowflakes. “Were you coming to get me?”

“If I had to, Maxwell,” Wufei held out his hand, “I’m not a virgin either. Come here. I will teach you Chinese.”

Duo smiled, violet eyes twinkling. “I’ve always loved Chinese.”  He crossed the bridge between their gundams. Wufei closed the door.

A week is not enough time for a thousand little deaths, and they were both very much alive when Q’s people got there, very happy, but there weren’t any more sprinkles.


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