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Fic: Still Breathing 1/?

Still Breathing 1/?
by Pinkwhirlwind
Disclaimer:  I do not own Gundam Wing, alas.

Notes: This story is a sequel to Breathing.

Heero left the hospital on a cold December day. Duo left with him, walking right behind him, still wearing the jeans and tattered blue tee-shirt he’d been wearing that day two months past when Heero picked him up. Every beat of his heart was Duo too, literally. He turned to look back at the big shiny blue glass building of the hospital. The rest of Duo’s body had been in that building... and had gone wherever bodies go. Heero hadn’t asked. Thinking about it now, he expected that Quatre probably did something with it. Non-living Duo didn’t interest Heero.

The moments he was sure he saw Duo smiling at him out of the corner of his eyes, heard his voice when he was somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, these things shook his understanding of the world. He’d always known that life was life, death was…
I. Know. Freedom.

Mark my skin
time trailing
slow as rain across life
each breath the punch of a needle
laying ink
 dark sorrow
  brilliant sighs
I thought I knew the world
    knew my place, my purpose

Like the rain
Time brings the summer
The heat of change
and I
am shy as August
If life were a year
From January wonder
to December dust
The thread of law and control

could never hold me 
Not a thread
Not stitched
I am water
I am ink
slipping into the renewing rain
On a boat made of will, I abandon January and expectations

December will never touch me

I write it with ink in my skin, my soul
in fragile whispering will
I know freedom

Comic: Black Cat

Redone facebook meme thingy... I added a bit and did my own graphic :)

comic: Curfew, gw/hp,1+2

I'm moving my stuff over from so I can use that for something else :)

Fic: Vengeance, gw, early Duo life

Vengence by pinkwhirlwind Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing. Sotsu, Sunrise, and Bandai do, in whatever measure they do Note:  Young Duo, violence, drugs, injury, slight hints of Heero, swearing, ghosts, threats of death Alone, a foot hooked under a slender metal rung in the maintenance tube held him in place where he floated in the zero gravity. His braid floated round him, curling like sentient good intentions. This section of the ship hadn't been listed on the declaration manifest, which he hadn't been authorized to read. He spun his lock pick around his fingers, daredevil, not even considering that losing it would be a terrible set back.  He'd already added himself into authorized users of this passage, so the standard lock hadn't been an issue, but someone had taken extra precaution of adding a tumbler lock, which was damn dangerous in a space ship and meant there was something really good on the other side.  It really didn't matter what it was He wanted to s…

comic: The power of Romantic Comedies

Fic: Space Boys in Blue (2+5, lemon implied)

Lessons in Blue
or Space Boys in Blue
by Pinkwhirlwind

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing

Pairings: 2+5, lemon implied
Happy Birthday, Myresa! I’m sorry it’s late!

Challenge words: Poem, sprinkles, cherry, peacock, blue, and four.

There are probably things one can not take down, eventually, given enough fire power. Duo hadn’t actually found any of those objects yet.  Sun Tzu probably said some shit about how whoever has more fire winn-th or maybe that was said by some Admiral who used to sail a wooden ship across seemingly huge oceans of blue. Gundams aren’t made out of wood, but they will burn if you toast them long enough. “Wu-man,” Duo teased flippantly, “We’re fucked.”

Yes, they had actually taken out an OZ base, quite handily. They hadn’t meant to work together. It was just serendipitous - like Chinese catsup on American burgers. The fact that they’d both gotten there and worked well together, as good or better than if they’d actually planned it worked in their favor too. Where the fou…