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Another bit at paypal

So this is getting to be like my personal journal, isn't it?  The post below was written to a mostly spiffy publisher dude who spoke up on favor of Paypal's censorship endeavors and now that might make room for some works that he liked better. The whole what is art debate and coming to the conclusion that art can not be defined was really painful for me. The day I really accepted that it was like the last of my god dying a slow and pitiful death. That understanding clarifies some other quandaries I had though.  Now if I could just figure out how to make money from writing what ever the hell I wanted. I suppose if I wrote it better, that would work out decent, uh?  And if Rush Limbaugh, as utterly obscene as he is, can make a living for all those years, I sure as shit ought to be able to.

Rantific email that I sent:

And good for McCarthy, keeping down those nasty Reds!

Sex is human experience. Literature is human experience. The focus of stories should and does vary. To decide that one type of story isn't to your taste so you'll applaud as ignorant and narrow minded bastards get rid of the efforts of other human beings in the hopes that it'll make room for some stories you do like is a small and nasty mindset.

No matter what kind of expression a human being makes, oil, acrylic, poetry, prose, cinema, graffiti... there will be some people who like it and some people who don't. Each work will mean something different to each person who consumes it. When one group of humans gains so much power that they can threaten another individual or group of humans in their right to express and ask for compensation for that expression from other humans who freely wish to give said compensation... the group that seeks that control has too much power.

I'll tell you what... Lord of the Rings will hold its own against any run of the mill blow job, no matter what media the blow job is created in. If your stories can't hold a reader's attention, even if they're on the shelf next to a good old fashioned Roman bath house scene, then you need to learn to write better, so perhaps less time lauding the cowards who would steal our freedom of expression and more time honing your craft. 

Human beings like sex. Sex rarely kills anyone. Paypal wants to censor sex.

Human beings like violence. Violence kills many, many people every day. Paypal doesn't mind violence.

And you think that's okay because that clears the shelves for books you appreciate more?

I didn't say I didn't have limits either, just that my limits probably go farther than the norms do. If they want to have unconstitutional limits, they should have gone to Iran rather than US. In the US we have the freedom of press, the freedom to print even objectionable materials like Mien Kampf, KKK materials, and how the world is really flat after all.  We have the right to put out books on evolution, how to start a church, and what someone things it would be like to fuck a dog. Paypal, as they've decided to be a bank that serves the world community, doesn't get to pick and chose and decide what they think is tidy and what they don't think is tidy. They're members of the community. They can work on getting laws passed that would ruin the separation of church and state if they want and I hope that the secular always wins and preserves our right to express and to know. When they want to just loan money to their good buddies, then they can pick and chose and count the law as they wish. They can't decide not to serve black people. They can't decide not to publish science books. They can't decide not to publish one kind of fantasy over another. That's just silly and doesn't benefit anyone.

Do not harm other people. Do not rape. Do not kill animals to eat them or to fuck them. I don't even know how to categorize don't sleep with your step-dad. If he's not with your mom/dad anymore, I don't care if you sleep with him. Have a good time. Don't do it in the park.

And while I've gotten back out of bed to give up this rant that I doubt anyone is still reading at this point... this idea that if a person doesn't do art/story the way some other person thinks they should.. that they're not a writer or they're not an artist... I so have fallen prey to that delusion. I want there to be some way to quantify what is and isn't art.  The world is a scary and chaotic place without that ability, but the truth is that art happens in the beholder's eye, not in the hand, mouth, or any other orifice of the creator. You can not say someone else's creation isn't art/literature/whathaveyou just because it doesn't do something for you. Trust me.. I've made myself sick wishing we could... that we could somehow order the world or that there were minds like enough to mine that actually reliable communication was possible - it's not. Understanding happens in the mind of the beholder. If it didn't happen for you over some super sex driven piece, sorry to hear that. That sucks for you, but you don't have god like powers to say that it doesn't work for someone else.

You decide what happens at your publishing house, Clayton-san. You have no way to decide what happens in the brains of other human beings, and as terrifying as it is, those brains aren't always like mine or yours. There's a lot of variety in the nearly 7 billion human beings on this planet. The white picket fence was never true and it's never going to be. Paypal, as a world wide banking institution, can't act like they serve just Boston and it's 1930.



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