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Pic: Predator

Pic/fic: Cupcake of Life

Title: Cupcake of Life By: Pinkwhirlwind Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, alas. Warnings: Masturbation, brainwashed Heero. Note: This story is the companion to Cupcake of Death. I told Sharon from the LJ 1x2 community that I'd draw a companion Heero pic to Duo's pic, I'm not sure if I like it, but it's on my site too, link to follow. 

It was a single strand of hair. Heero slipped a finger under the long dark strand. Duo was always careful to wipe up his hair in the bathroom, everywhere. He'd never actually touched Duo's hair before, but there it was, a single very long almost russet hair hanging over his finger like... like something Heero couldn't rationalize or verbalize to himself. 
It was just a single strand of hair, not exactly useful data or a case of ammunition. It wasn't valuable. It shouldn't have been left around as evidence, and yet, standing there in the safe house, the studio that he had been sharing with Duo on this mission, the…

Pic: G boys play Angry Birds

So I was having this conversation on fb.. I've never played Angry Birds. I guess if the boys are piggies they should be green... but here they are..

And one more pic!  Because of course Trowa was doing infiltration!

fic: Breathing

Breathing by me disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing Warning: Ghost story! Main character death prior to story Pairing: Would have been 1x2 An uneasiness lingers in his breath, but so subtle, like the variations in a flower petal. There are things I should have told him. He lays there in that bed, his chest rising and falling and I can hear him breathing. I feel like I can hear his heart beating. I remember how blue his eyes are. 

Maybe that's heaven. I got what I wanted, in that he's there in that hospital bed and he's breathing and he'll open those eyes. I'll get to be near him, always. I couldn't really have asked for more than that. 

With the war behind us, we should have been able to find our way. Should have.

God, he's got a beautiful voice. He doesn't know it, I don't think. We were getting an apartment together, that day. It was a few days ago. Just roommates. 

It was his car, a much too nice car for unemployed space junk like him and me.  Just to…

Another bit at paypal

So this is getting to be like my personal journal, isn't it?  The post below was written to a mostly spiffy publisher dude who spoke up on favor of Paypal's censorship endeavors and now that might make room for some works that he liked better. The whole what is art debate and coming to the conclusion that art can not be defined was really painful for me. The day I really accepted that it was like the last of my god dying a slow and pitiful death. That understanding clarifies some other quandaries I had though.  Now if I could just figure out how to make money from writing what ever the hell I wanted. I suppose if I wrote it better, that would work out decent, uh?  And if Rush Limbaugh, as utterly obscene as he is, can make a living for all those years, I sure as shit ought to be able to.

Rantific email that I sent:

And good for McCarthy, keeping down those nasty Reds!

Sex is human experience. Literature is human experience. The focus of stories should and does vary. To decid…

To Paypal

I  wonder if this isn't just an aspect of the culture wars.... violence is good, sex is bad - an actual need to control women's sexuality and give that power to their husband/owners. Paypal's not out after war stories or murder mysteries, no they're after erotica.

Erotica provides pleasure to many women, giving them more independence, confidence, and satisfaction. Sexual gratification is an important factor in human health. Individuals should chose what they wish to consume, not moralists at a bank.

And for those who think that reading about rape or fucking a dog, snogging your step parent might make you want to actually go do it? Or that you reading it makes someone else thing you want to be raped?

Well the second of those concerns is way more important. That's another argument that blames the victim. "OH you got raped because of the way you dressed, where you went, what you read." NO. Actual rape in the world is a violence crime. People n…