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Promo: What I Really Want

Title: What I Really Want
By: Nix Winter
Rating: NC17, R
Genre: Sci-fi, BDSM, menage M/F/M
Satin thinks he knows what he wants. 
He's got the woman he's always loved and the man he's trusted and loved for just as long. He's got some kinks that he's afraid his lovers don't really share. He's about to get what he thinks he really wants when he finds out that Lily's pregnant and its not his.  He thinks what he really wants is just for his lovers to be happy and for him to step back like the man he is. The man who loves him though thinks he knows what Satin really wants and he's happy to give it to him. If what he wanted was so easy, he'd know what it was already. Now there's a baby to think about and seeing the people he loves happy might be more important than what he really wants. 
Unbuttoning his cuffs, Hiro stepped closer to his lover. Satin didn't move away.  With a strong hand he reached up to brush long bangs back from Satin's face, tender, loving. "Do you think I didn't know about the clubs, after the war? Do you think I don't know and love everything about you?"
Satin licked his lips, his heart cracking a little. "I'm nasty and perverted."
"You are so intelligent, so creative, so incredibly beautiful, Satin," Hiro said, his hands cupping Satin's smooth feminine shaped face. "You are brave and generous. You're also full of anger and fear. You're submissive and you like pain. Neither of those things are nasty. I'm dominant and I like hurting. Does that make me nasty and perverted?"
"Shit, yeah," Satin whispered, but he hadn't pulled away. "Lily will leave us both, you stupid fucker. Do you know how fucking amazing it is to be near her?"
Hiro pressed closer. Satin took a step back and then they were both against the wall of mirrors. Hiro rocked his hips against Satin's, communicating just how hard and interested he was. "She won't leave us for this and if she does than it's better she know sooner rather than later. You are never going out to those clubs again. I am going etch everyone one of your fantasies into your body for you. I'm going to make you cry out my name. You're going to want me as badly as you want her and maybe you'll come to understand that you are every bit as amazing to be near as Lily is. Now. I'm going to step back. You're going to kneel down and take my shoes off. Then I'm going to beat your ass for you even thinking about going down to some cheap ass club and letting some stranger lay hands on your precious body." 
He did take those steps back and continued working on his shirt. Satin knelt one knee, undid the laces, and pulled each nicely polished shoe free. Then he pulled one dark sock then the other, folding both and laying them on the shoes. 
When he stood, Hiro's shirt was open, revealing his longer torso, the lines across his stomach, a new tattoo over his heart of a crescent moon with a bit of violet satin wrapped around it.


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