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J.J. Massa cover... Art and Soul

New cover for J.J. Massa, draft form

The Moon

Watching a documentary on the moon, on H2. Did you know that if we didn't have the moon, our day would be six hours longer and we'd be very different creatures? And that we always see the light side of the moon because the moon has a synchronistic orbit! Someday the moon will slip away from us.. a couple of inches a year. We really have to get off Earth, get out into space, adapt to a larger environment.

Comic: No Really! Don't Drink the Koolaid!

This little story follows Don't Drink the Koolaid. Duo was injured badly protecting Heero's twin sister... that he didn't know he had... he prevented a civil war too... but he got hurt pretty badly. In this story, Heero is a medical student who is totally willing to use cutting edge medicine on Duo to heal him. Duo... is Duo and a confused and hallucinating Duo... probably not as helpful.
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing or Donald Duck

Teaser for The Wicked Red

Simone Dubois had picked his higher power from a vision he'd had, a hallucination maybe, when he'd been doing one of the dumbest things he'd ever done. His plan hadn't worked, but the vision of the beautiful red headed man had sent him to the hospital to get actual help, had saved his life, and in the five years, two months, and sixteen days since, he'd convinced himself that his drug induced vision had just been pretty myth. He was never going to meet the man who'd found him, told him to go to the hospital, told him in a very sharp British accent that he was an utter fool if he let life slip away. Posh red headed gay boys with violet eyes and melting honey British accents didn't frequent the worst parts of town where the best of intentions crushed up against unbending self hate and the garbage compactor of poverty and the criminal justice system.

"Simone?" Robert asked impatiently. "You're in the weeds, man."

"Crap!" Simo…

Pic: Letters to Heero 6

Okay... the next chapter isn't done and I have got to original bit I'm doing done first, but I really wanted to do this pic Duo.  Anyone surprised that in Duo's mind, he's both Pan and Hook? And he might be feeling a little bit of anger.