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Universal Rights

One of the things I hate the most is being told to be quiet.

When I was a kid, the environment was very dangerous and silence about pretty much everything was the safest path.

One of the things I'd really like in my adult life is to find a group to belong to. I want belonging with a deep hunger.

I'll never have it.

Recently Hillary Clinton gave a speech advocating for universal human rights. It was a particularly splendid speech. Even Trans people were mentioned, women, disabled people... pretty much everyone was mentioned, but the focus of the speech was on Gay people.

Recently I've had lots of hopes of belonging to the trans community.

Now don't get me wrong... I was born in a body that looks female, but I'm male. I'm going to go through with everything I can to bring my body inline with my identity. That is as deep in my soul as wanting to belong.

So on my FB profile this guy writes about how the overbearing gay agenda is hurting trans people and how Hillary Clinton's speech, which made the argument that in order for any of us to have human rights, human rights must be respected for all people... that that speech was an insult to trans people because they only got mentioned once.

I disagreed with him. He told me to be quite. His friend came in on his side. Someone else said I was self hating.

I said that at least I capitalized the first letter of all my sentences. That was really rather petty of me and the guy's friend was right.. I was being a condescending fuck when I said that.

This infighting though between gay people and trans people.. between 'real trans' people and just cross dressers or queens and kings...

The fact that I've been isolated and withdrawn most of my life... just makes that all seem so very crazy to me. It's like if the Civil Rights movement had broken into Nigerian Americans, Congolese Americans, Liberian Americans... ect. It only serves to further the cause of those that don't like any person with darker skin.


You know... I really thought I could fit in with trans people... with gay people. I am trans. I am gay. Okay, bi... be that as it may. I really thought I'd make friends.

I won't though. I'm just too oddly socialized to fit into any group. I shall be very lucky if I can find one or two people who can put up with me.

I've been quiet enough that I hardly anyone is likely to notice my continued silence. As I obviously don't fit with the trans community that doesn't think universal human rights don't apply to them... and it hurts me too much to be told to be quiet, that I don't understand my own identity, because I don't have the same take as he does.

As I had wanted to be part of this community and I don't know how many people feel the same as that other gentleman does, and it's obvious to me that I am ill suited to community - I would still like the group to consider how much benefit there might be in working together as non-gender-conformative people... or even better... just fighting for universal human rights. There really is much overlap as people fight for the right to express themselves genuinely.

As I wrote this... I realize even more strongly that I don't like to be quiet. I've spent so much of my life being quiet. I've no idea what to do about... I don't know if I'm brave enough to keep talking when no one listens.

Everyone's rights are equally important, including my own.

Edit... and after all that defeatist whining...  a friend of mine told me he hoped I didn't think he was just putting up with me and... the world felt much better. :) 


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