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rant: Salvation Army thinks Gays should be celibate...

This is the article that sparked this rant:

The Trevor Project:

Even in the article there is a contradiction... They say that people who are born homosexual should deny themselves sexual intimacy. It is an obvious extension of what they say is that they do not support marriage or equality for the GLBT community. To say that they do not demean people for any reason, but they support inequality is a logical error. It's no better than Separate But Equal or Jim Crow.  I don't mean to demean them, but I will oppose them and their Dark Ages values. I do not think people should give them money. Once upon a time in our country, in the not so distant past, the KKK was a very esteemed organization hosting family oriented picnics and parades. For the Salvation Army to suggest that the GLBT community should just be celibate and forgo the pleasures of community, marriage, sexuality, love, and of course children... I'm sure as they think GLBT people shouldn't have sex - I would expect they don't think non-gender normative people should have children or adopt.  When they would confine people such as myself to the dust bin of ill made toys... they will receive opposition from me. I will call out their hatred  

When they decided that "Likewise, there is no scriptural support for demeaning or mistreating anyone for reason of his or her sexual orientation. The Salvation Army opposes any such abuse."

is more important than, "There is no scriptural support for same-sex unions as equal to, or as an alternative to, heterosexual marriage."

When they become like the Abolitionists and fight for equality, anti-bullying, and represent a god of love, not a god of judgement and hate... then I'll stop opposing them. long as they can think it's okay to select a group of people to be restricted basic access to our SECULAR civic resources... They will continue to sponsor prejudice, continue to validate parents who throw their GLBT children out into the streets, continue to validate the groups that make laws against people like me. It is personal.  As a transsexual... I am on the top of their list for legal difficulties.  And while the Salvation Army is not going to take direct actions against me... that they empower those that want to find reasons to hate me in their happy little religious book and a disclaimer at the end that says they don't support abuse, but they think people like me should live celibate, to live without love and passion because... Their book, their god, and they don't think I should have them? 
Oh the rage.  The Salvation Army's position supports that church that voted to not allow an interracial couple last week too.  

Well, the KKK did lots of charity work too, supported families, and clean living. 

Did you see the video of the little guy with the index cards, crying because people have been calling him a fag since he was in the first grade? 

It is not okay to hurt people. If there really is a god that decides that some people are okay and some people aren't based on such a superficial thing as being sexually attracted to another adult... and that god would ruin lives because of a narrow and artificial metric.. then I'd oppose that god too.  I ought to write their words ... both quotes on a great big board and go stand by one of their little red kettles. If they're going to say it... it should come into the bright and shiny light of day. 

OH my Goodness! 

When I was a kid... I was used for the sexual pleasure of lots of other adults. Even people who weren't sexually abusing me had some stake in feeling better about themselves because they helped me, were better than me... or something. 

Really, you know, I have bought into that for a long time... that the way I get love is to give other people what they want. I've done a lot of that. It's a very unhealthy behavior. 

This rant has opened up a great big wound in me... but kind of in a way that heals, I hope.
So the idea of unconditional love... God gives us unconditional love... except for when he's sending people in to a flaming pit of HELL.  The church teaches the greatest fullness of love... well, unless you're Muslim, Gay, a mouthy woman, have property someone else wants... and it's a slippery slope from there... to a boy with a secret, a girl who needs to learn what it is to serve the power of a man. You know who really has unconditional love? Not an all powerful, all knowing god... but victims... abused souls who are afraid, terrified of having that pain come back again... it's a twisted Stockholm syndrome of trying to give enough love that the powerful ones won't hurt us again! Maybe give enough love that the powerful ones might be kind enough to give love, kindness, safety. 

do not
unconditional love
I believe it is bad. 

Unconditional love has no purpose other than to forgive the unforgivable. 
The Christian god can not actually be said to exhibit unconditional love, in any case. 
He's a demanding, jealous, genocidal dick. 

When the blood of uncounted millions of animals wasn't enough to calm his anger, his book says he sent his own begotten son to suffer and die that we might live. 

That's unconditional love.

I'm so pissed at you, that I'm going to torture my innocent kid to death... or I'm going to inflict massive amounts of self harm on myself so that I can stand to look at you again. 

To even say such a thing is called abuse. 

What I believe is love is a song, a river, and it flows high and low. In the moments when it's intense, it has meaning and the moments where it's receded that also has meaning. 

I could do a book, and I might, on my ideas about love and self-esteem.

Every single human being on this planet is worth while. Some of them are kinder, nicer, more worthy of my esteem than others. That I might not esteem some of the humans on this planet does not mean they're not worth while or are in anyway diminished. 

I shall tell you that there are a lot of people who won't esteem me all that much. 

I'm gay, maybe lesbian, hell, maybe straight, depending. I'm a man. Most people that look at me are going to decide I'm a woman.  I like to die my hair pink. Yup. Gay guy with pink hair.... gay guy that would happily date a girl if she appealed to him. I don't believe in god. I'm actually pretty antagonistic to most gods I've heard about.  

If believing in a god brings you comfort - that's great! The world is full of pain and any comfort you can get is a great and valuable prize. 

The comfort though... as I see it comes from math like this...

 The world is a scary and dangerous place. I don't know if I'm able to deal with it. I don't know if I'm good enough. I don't know if anyone will help me. IF I do what God says, THEN God loves me and will help me. So I must continue to prove my love to God. Authority figures say God doesn't like X... so I must fight against X. 

Now I've set up self esteem based on the love of an entity that feels real, but can't be proved. What this entity wants can't be proven or disproved, but there's a book (Bible, Koran.. whatever) and no one better disrespect the book. 

People kill other people in defense of this book and concept of god. 

I went looking for quotes about Christians thinking that they're not being allowed to torment gay kids till they kill themselves is a form of oppression Christians...but reading their material makes me so sad.  How do you have a conversation with someone who believes that a book is infallible?  That book is more important to the People of the Book than the dignity of any human, woman, gay, child, adult... because to dispute the book is to damage the self esteem and safety of a believer. 

As a survivor of sexual, physical, verbal, and ritual abuse... I have tried to buy love from the world with my body, my obedience, devotion, utter brilliance (I think that probably failed the most), and anything else I could think of.  The world didn't set me up with easy answers about why I'm worth while. The Christian right is out there telling me quiet loudly that their God would like to torture me forever if I don't take up lying really good. 

You know what? 

They remind me of the people who used me as a resource, the people who abused me.

Do you know why this little transsexual omnisexual flaming gay boy is valuable? 

Not for the books I've written or my daughters that I raised, the classes I've taken or the canvases I've painted. 

I'm valuable because I am. 

Life is a splendidly beautiful flower... from atoms and charmed particles thrown here and there by the entropy driven time, rushing up against each other like the tide of a great ocean that stretches out across all currently knowable reality... and here I am.. sitting here smiling at you, wherever you are and we are alive. There is music and gardening and chocolate. I don't need permission to like myself. 

I just do. 

That's more durable than any capricious god who will send some people to Hell or force virgins to serve some mighty hero that slayed a bunch of other humans. 

And to bring this back to the Salvation Army, which does a lot of good, just like the KKK did in its heyday, but to abandon reason and common decency towards other human beings who cause no harm to anyone because culture/book/authority figure tells you that it's okay to exclude and hate some group is to have a false sense of value ... to try to buy your worth... and while there are a lot of people who do need help and we should work together as compassionate human beings to help all of us - no good comes from paying off abusive bullies. Not in the long run. 


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