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Fic: Don't Drink the Koolaid 2/?

Don't Drink the Koolaid 2
by Pink Whirlwind

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing

The first part of this story is here:

It's comic and I'm so not the best artist.

Chapter Two

Every morning Heero woke and reached out for Duo. Duo hadn't been there since that disastrous party at the college.

Duo was still mad.

It had been three and a half months. Heero opened his eyes, stared at Duo's unused pillow, caressed the soft cotton pillowcase. "I'm sorry. I was an ass. Come home."

Somewhere in the space that humans traveled in, Duo traveled. It had been a Tuesday, that party, the last time he saw Duo. This was a Tuesday. Heero reached out, gripped the pillow, drew it slowly closer, buried his face in it and sobbed.

Duo will come home.

"I love you."

That was all there was. It was for love of Duo that Heero dried his face, got up, showered, and went to class. Back during the wars, when he'd healed Duo, stitches put into flesh so far outside the bounds of law that the action reached right around into respecting humanity rather than law. As he'd pursued his studies he'd come to hope that most of his actions over the course of his life had been about respecting humanity. Duo had seen that potential in him first and if Duo couldn't see it anymore than Heero didn't know if he could see it either, so he brushed his teeth, ate a planned amount of calories, watered Duo's ivy plant, and knew in all of him that could know anything that Duo would come home and when he did Heero would always listen to him and always treat him as if he was the most valuable instance in all the universe.

Because he was.

Heero's phone lit up. "Incoming call from Trowa Winner."

"Answer," Heero said, sipping his coffee as he polished off the last of his oatmeal.

"Channel 3," Trowa said calmly.

"Turn on video feed, channel 3," Heero said, while facing the small flat screen display attached to the cabinet door. The screen fired up to a commercial. "What am I looking for?"

"A group demanding independence for their country is claiming to have captured an Agent Death of the Preventers. They're calling him a spy and saying that his entry into their country is an act of hostility."

The video feed was set to display subtitles, but the newscaster was saying pretty much the same thing. Commander Une came on, explained that she couldn't possibly reveal information about Preventer operations, but at no time would Preventers ever take hostile or aggressive action towards anyone.

"Confirmation," Heero asked, knowing that Trowa won't have contacted him if he hadn't had proof that the captured agent was Duo.

"Intercepted communiques from Une advising Peacecraft that the mission was successful and that there had been causalities, of which 02 was unconfirmed."

Heero's eyes narrowed, acid rose in his throat. The wars were over. Une and Relena had no right to use the title 02. "I will extract him," Heero promised.

"We're coming with you. Wufei is unable to assist. He is injured, but he has supplied the probable location."

"He was with Duo. He's a Preventer. Why is he here without Duo?"

"I don't know," Trowa said. "When we get Duo back, we'll ask him."

"What in hell were they doing down there," Heero complained, knowing that Trowa had no answers. "I don't want to fight any more."

"You can be medical only," Trowa offered.

"I will fight," Heero said softly, hands on the counter, head hanging. "If Duo's hurt, I'm going to kill them."

"We will pursue this with reason," Trowa said firmly.  "Quatre has secured you a seat on the fastest flight to Mailane. We will provide weapons and armor. Flight leaves in fifteen minutes."


Heero ended the call then typed a hasty cc'ed message to all his professors and study mates that he as unable to attend class duo to pressing personal matters, would return at the soonest opportunity. By the time he'd finished that he'd crossed the room, selected his clothes and formed ideas of effective weaponry that would suit his ideals, and initiated a call to Une.

"Yuy," she answered already on the defensive. "He said to tell you that he'll be home when he can."

"I have watched the news," Heero said in the least patronizing tone he could manage. "If he dies or suffers serious injury and you get in my way or I find that you or Relena are responsible for his capture or that you did not do everything to protect him - I will kill you."

"You're threatening the government, Yuy."

"I'm not."

"You just threatened to kill either me or President Relena."

"That was not a threat," Heero said. "You should have known that putting him at risk would put you at risk. If you're not smart enough to know that, you're not smart enough to run the government. Even my death will not prevent punitive measures from going into effect. When he returns and he wants to pursue law enforcement, you and she would do well to remember this conversation."

"I will not tolerate threats!"

"You should be grateful for the warning. Most people don't see what's coming to kill them and get the courtesy of a warning. The people who took my early life wanted a weapon. If Duo dies, then that's all I'll be. If he lives, then I am an asset."

"I don't want Duo to die," she growled, exasperated. "He went in with a team. Chang was the team leader. It was covert. They were simply supposed to disrupt an international human trafficking organization, recover any victims, if possible. Duo's the one that brought the mission to us. Your boy is a little demon, just so you know. Stone cold vigilante - if he was anyone else I'd be calling him a god damn serial killer. To be perfectly honest, you two deserve each other, you murderous little bastards. If the palace in Mailane is holding him, which I find highly surprising, he'll probably have killed the god damned palace guard before you and that psychopath Barton gets down there!"

"You're not fit to lead if you think that Duo is either that effective or that murderous. Duo doesn't kill unless he has to."

"Don't give me that shit. Do you think there is anyone with the balls or resources to frame your boy for eighteen murders over the course of two days?"
"If Duo said he didn't do them, he didn't do them. You should look for another suspect."

"He had motive. He was trying to find the daughter of a friend of his.  I guess his new boyfriend wasn't as durable as you."

There was not enough numb in all the world to keep that blow from touching the tender shoots of Heero's humanity. "You are unfit to lead." He closed the call.

Duo had not left him, but he didn't know why Duo hadn't come to him for help. In the very back of his mind, his conscious whispered, "Because you were an asshole."


Duo Maxwell was not a child. Maybe he'd never been a child. Shirtless, wearing only grey and black camo mission pants, he hung from mag cuffs that stretched from his wrists half way up to his elbows. Arms stretched above his head, the balls of his feet just barely reached the hot cement floor. Sweat ran down over the hard curves of his body, between his shoulder blades, down a well defined spine, down over straining pecs, the rock hard cuts of his stomach, into damp and clinging pants. Duo let his head fall back, braid reaching down beyond his ass. "No."

"Now, Mr. Maxwell," Prince Renar said calmly. Surrounded by small fluttering enviro bots, the beautiful prince did not feel the heat raging in the cell. He was blond as snow with eyes like ice, just blue by reflection somehow. "The child is my niece. How could I possibly mean her any harm?"

"You killed her father," Duo pointed out.

"I did no such thing," Renar purred. "From what I understand you did."

"I didn't," Duo screamed. Heat and dehydration spun his awareness. Heero stood by a pool, dressed so ... so very upper class, so far away from anything that Duo could ever hope for. This horrified look twisted Heero's face. "Don't kill him!"

"You did it. Don't you remember? You murdered him. You're a murderer. You need to redeem yourself a little by confessing and telling me where the girl was taken. Just admit that there was a girl and she is the child of the Queen."

Duo still floated in the hallucination of Heero and the pool... but he wasn't sure which he wanted more Heero or the pool. "Water."

"You'd like that, won't you? Murderers don't get water in hell, Duo." The speaker this time was dressed as a Catholic priest.

"Father Maxwell?"

"That's my son," the 'priest' comforted. "Confess your sins, my son."

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It is one year since my last Confession. I accuse myself of the following sins. I have lain with my lover outside of marriage sixty-two times. I have masturbated enough. I dropped out of school. I cheated at pool and poker and dice. I beat some guy's ass because he insulted Heero. I didn't call Heero for three months. Father, I think I killed some people."

"What people, my son," the priest asked gently.

"Father, please, may I have water?"

"After your confession, my son," the priest said, "Did you kill Richard Grace in a jealous rage because he still loved his wife? He was married to Queen Ash, upon whom he fathered a daughter named Ebony, is that not true? You must confess in order to receive forgiveness, my son."

Swaying, half conscious, Duo licked parched lips, tried to get firmer footing on the ground. "Ebony."

"That's right my son, do the right thing. Tell us about Ebony. Did you kill her?"

Ebony, a girl of eight, with long dark hair and a pink bunny plush that she carried, blue eyes... she had dark blue eyes - like Heero. God, Heero was going to be so pissed. "Heero, I'm sorry."

"Do you think more of Heero than you do of God, my son?"

Duo stopped trying to stand, just let himself hang for a moment. It was the day that he and Heero had moved into their tiny apartment. Heero's laughter was like medicine and Duo had taken his task of making Heero laugh to heart. Funny faces had been the prize of the day until Heero caught him and pulled him into a kiss that left no room for laughter. He'd promised to go to school that day. The tears that ran down his cheeks felt cold against heated skin and he wished he'd been able to keep that promise. Heero held him though, wrapped loving arms around him and he couldn't hear the lying priest, couldn't betray the little girl with Heero's eyes. "Genetics. Heero's cousin."

"Oh he's beyond," Renar snapped. "Doktor, see that he stays in hell. Come 'Father', let us go and visit our other guest."

How many steps to the door? Duo tried to listen to their steps. He counted five before the living fire of taser whip wrapped around his waist. Somebody sure had a thing for screaming.


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