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Fic: Don't Drink the Koolaid 3/3

Don't Drink the Koolaid 3/? by Max aka Pink Whirlwind Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing.  Warnings: violence, Duo rage, Duo torture, enough shift in tech that it might be a little AU
Time... he'd been in hell for centuries now. His back burned like fireworks, nerves flaring  everywhere the whip had wrapped around him, flaring nerves with pain that would flash and echo with other strips and he had no idea how long each one hurt or if they'd ever stop. 
The father had gone.
That was important. 
The father wasn't real.
The devil keeping him company had wrapped his braid around his throat like a scarf. His head ached. He was dry, unable to cry, not sweating. Everything had gone so wrong.
"I promised," Duo said, head tilted back so he could get the thick mass of hot hair away from his neck.
"Yes," the devil said sweetly. "Tell me what you promised? I'll give you something good if you do."
He wondered how his lips could feel like they…

Poem: The Duet Fantastic

The Duet Fantastic
by Max

The Queen and His Knight
Satin and leather clad
Roam without fright
defeating traditions sad

His Majesty, The Queen
beguiling voice of honey
commands wisdom to be seen
With a smile utterly sunny

In his footsteps equality grows
His song rises with the sun
His beauty eclipses foes
graceful curves and gestures stun

Beautiful Queen invulnerable
protected by a fierce Knight
In supple leather black - will unbreakable
her blade made of reason and moonlight

They assail citadels of oppression
sweet wisdom with unbendable reason
Equality is not a question
The Queen and his Knight unbeaten

Fic: The Price of Dreams

Title: The Price of Dreams

Disclaimer: It goes without saying that I don't own GW, Lokie, or the court of the fairy Queen.
Note: I intend to expand this and make it original... and hopefully much scarier.

Once upon a time.. in an alternative universe, Heero Yuy thought had never met Duo... Instead, he lived in London in the year 1603. He was the horse master to a powerful lord and he was very good at what he did. He was a powerful man, strong and devoted to his duty.

He was told to marry and he did. He loved his wife as much as he could and he loved his baby even more... the baby had violet eyes and soft brown hair and he felt as if this daughter were his true child. He swore to everything he found holy that he would protect his family from all threats.

When the child turned three years old, Heero woke with a very bad feeling, as if some shadow were coming over his house.

His wife told him was being very silly though... he had work to do.. he was to accompany the Lord …

Fic: Don't Drink the Koolaid 2/?

Don't Drink the Koolaid 2
by Pink Whirlwind

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing

The first part of this story is here:

It's comic and I'm so not the best artist.

Chapter Two

Every morning Heero woke and reached out for Duo. Duo hadn't been there since that disastrous party at the college.

Duo was still mad.

It had been three and a half months. Heero opened his eyes, stared at Duo's unused pillow, caressed the soft cotton pillowcase. "I'm sorry. I was an ass. Come home."

Somewhere in the space that humans traveled in, Duo traveled. It had been a Tuesday, that party, the last time he saw Duo. This was a Tuesday. Heero reached out, gripped the pillow, drew it slowly closer, buried his face in it and sobbed.

Duo will come home.

"I love you."

That was all there was. It was for love of Duo that Heero dried his face, got up, showered, and went to class. Back during the wars, when …

Fic: A Pistol, a Condom, and a Soda Pop

A pistol, a condom, and a soda pop
by Pink Whirlwind

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing.

Inspired by this pic:

Duo whirled the wrench around, settled it on his shoulder as he surveyed the engine he'd put back in the jeep. Braid tucked into the back of his grey tee-shirt, jeans and tee-shirt alike smeared with good old fashioned engine sludge, he looked every bit as proud as he felt. Blow'in shit up was fun, but puttin it back together was better. After the wars, he was going get a garage of his own, with an apartment over the place and a room for him, and one for Heero too.

Humming to himself, he grabbed up a rag, cleaned off the wrench before putting it back.

"Hey, kid," the owner of the garage called out. "I got burgers. You eat meat, don't you? You get that carburetor sorted out?"

Duo took a deep breath, let the big wrench drop back into plac…

Universal Rights

One of the things I hate the most is being told to be quiet.

When I was a kid, the environment was very dangerous and silence about pretty much everything was the safest path.

One of the things I'd really like in my adult life is to find a group to belong to. I want belonging with a deep hunger.

I'll never have it.

Recently Hillary Clinton gave a speech advocating for universal human rights. It was a particularly splendid speech. Even Trans people were mentioned, women, disabled people... pretty much everyone was mentioned, but the focus of the speech was on Gay people.

Recently I've had lots of hopes of belonging to the trans community.

Now don't get me wrong... I was born in a body that looks female, but I'm male. I'm going to go through with everything I can to bring my body inline with my identity. That is as deep in my soul as wanting to belong.

So on my FB profile this guy writes about how the overbearing gay agenda is hurting trans people …

Appeal to love and reason

Okay! All you people on my facebook here... all of you, every single one of you is precious and valuable. All of us deserve care, hope, dignity, respect, basic human rights... we are all so very precious. Life is rare and delicate... so easy to lose.

When I rant against god... It's not that I don't want you to have a god or to feel connected to something beyond yourself. Some gods and religions come with the idea of Original Sin (Okay, really only Christianity comes with that idea)... that tells you that you are covered in sin and unacceptable to god, unworthy of love from the moment you are born. Christianity has a god that kills off populations because they make him angry, kills first born sons as a threat, sends invading armies into other people's lands and tells them to kill everyone, and the way he gets around Original Sin, which he himself set up in the first place, is to kill himself/his son, who had become human... human sacrifice is a crime.

Such a god is not wor…

Prologue to Loving Robin: Jesus and Judas

Prologue to Loving Robin: Jesus and Judas
by Nix Winter
Copyright 2011, all rights reserved

Note: I cut this bit out of Loving Robin, but it's still interesting and still happened in the past. Maybe I'll expand it and include it as a second story.

Roughly 30 CE, give or take

There are many kinds of love.

He was tall, straight, smooth dark hair that hung to his shoulders, golden skin, and gentle dark eyes. His robe lay around him in harmony with the warm evening air.


They'd all returned to Jerusalem for Passover. It seemed like half the world had returned to Jerusalem for Passover.

Rome ruled the world, its heel always ready to stamp out freedom.  Pulling up a rough cloth cowl, Judas left the garden and stepped into Jesus' room. "Master?"

Jesus closed the door, shutting out the grumbles of those left without. "I have the most hope for you, Judas."


Jesus poured a fragrant thick wine into two thick ear…