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Fic: To Know the Dawn

To Know the Dawn by Nix Winter Written for the YA LGBT on Goodreads Inspired by the photo Kit nominated

The washer was red.   

Maybe that was what caught my attention. 

Standing there in the crisp November rain, chill trickling down the back of my neck, I wasn't wearing a dark turtleneck anymore. I ran along a stone so warm my boots felt like paper. Sea danced in the moist air and I don't know how I knew it was the sea, but I did, as if I'd known it all my life. 

"Aeneas!" Joyful, the voice  reached deeper into me than the sea ever could. 

I turned, my wrists crossing behind my head, my grin as broad as the path of the sky. A very tiny chill of fear spiraled up through my soul as if this were not a dream I could change the outcome of, but a memory and a memory I knew the outcome of. "Philip!"

Bare chested, the sun gifted his olive skin with a sheen, shadowed the lines of his body, the soft beauty of his face, and I wanted to run to him, wrap my arms around him, …

A reply I made on an awesome yahoo group

There was a hormone fluctuation before birth. It's very odd to discuss one's genitals, but it is possible to be in some half where place where it could go either way and still be fertile.  I don't know either of my parents enough to know what they thought or why they decided what they did. 

There was a time, at the start of this process where I thought sex and gender were really the same... and I could just choose which one I wanted. Just pick a pink shirt or a blue shirt and go with it. It ought to be that way. 
There really isn't any functional difference in the humanity of a man or a woman. If you take a broad selection of men and women, they'll fall along a spectrum of intelligence, emotional functionality, ability to cope with life, dominance, submission... everything. There are members of either group all along any spectrum you can imagine. Who I am should not be impacted by my gender identification. 
But it is.
I've done a lot of therapy... lots of intro…

New title and cover for Loving Robin...

Merry and Marian

My new little twins :) They're characters in Loving Robin. I'm not sure why I write the childhoods of the characters in my stories these days. I did that in Redeem Me too. This is a Holy Grail and a Robin Hood story, very gender graduated and maybe a little shocking, but in the moment in the pic... everything was pretty happy.