Blurb for Loving Robin

I finally figured out what was wrong with the story.  :)

Robin wants to be safe. Finding the king, raising a ransom, and bringing justice into the world will probably prove easier tasks than restoring his own heart. Wounded in his soul he returns home to find Locksley a different place than he'd remembered. There's a new sheriff, a dangerously intelligent bishop seeking holy treasure, and the Marian he remembers, small, timid, and lost to memory is not Marian at all. The shadow of a child he'd not paid attention to, even though he was only three years older, is wickedly forward, lean and powerfully built with a defiant red braid, and unyielding blue-violet eyes. Merry Whitestag claims his late twin's rights and powers, including the half of Locksley that would have been hers. He's a staff wielding shaman of Lockely and he'll bow to no bishop, no sheriff. He's sworn to accept no lover, save the Lord of the Forest.
Robin can live with that. 


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