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Excerpt: Loving Robin

Title: Loving Robin
Genre: m/m, fantasy historical
Author: Nix Winter


He woke in the dream as if it were the beginning of time, a vision set outside the world that already was. Sitting up, he threw the quilted linen back. Hair free, flowing around him, brushing over his skin, he felt the emptiness of Robin's home, the unanswerable question of Robin's life. The room felt full of warmth, of sunlight, of potential with the rushes of the previous life all swept away. The sheets on the bed felt softer than he remembered. Laughter and activity outside the window shifted the focus, stealing the light and focus from the empty feeling room. Even the floor felt cold to his bare feet as he nearly floated to the window to see the court yard below and the possible future. 

A man with flame red hair sat a black horse, proud and comfortable in his movements. Around him were mottle group of people, some on horse, some on foot, some riding on an ecclesiastic carriage. On top of the carr…

Blurb for Loving Robin

I finally figured out what was wrong with the story.  :)

Robin wants to be safe. Finding the king, raising a ransom, and bringing justice into the world will probably prove easier tasks than restoring his own heart. Wounded in his soul he returns home to find Locksley a different place than he'd remembered. There's a new sheriff, a dangerously intelligent bishop seeking holy treasure, and the Marian he remembers, small, timid, and lost to memory is not Marian at all. The shadow of a child he'd not paid attention to, even though he was only three years older, is wickedly forward, lean and powerfully built with a defiant red braid, and unyielding blue-violet eyes. Merry Whitestag claims his late twin's rights and powers, including the half of Locksley that would have been hers. He's a staff wielding shaman of Lockely and he'll bow to no bishop, no sheriff. He's sworn to accept no lover, save the Lord of the Forest. Robin can live with that.

Chocobo Pox

I have chicken pox... how crazy is that?
I don't own Seifer or Squall from FF8. I don't own chocobos or chicken pox either, but sometimes they visit me.


Comic: Male Radiance

Okay... so I was skipping innocently around the internet and found this site selling Male Radiance Cream... Like white creamy testosterone... the disclaimer was actually on their site... so this little comic occurred to me... just a silly little comic.  While it's not overt in the comic... the uke switched their roles mid experience...