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fic: Now? 1/?

Note... maybe I'll do this original... do a whole series with them... must write something

by Pink Whirlwind
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing... but I do kinda own the last name Maxwell now as I went before the judge today and it is my new last name. Yatta!

Warnings: Some cuss words, angelic Heero... as in dead Heero... in a supernatural kinda way.
Duo learned against the crumbling wall. L2 had a lot of buildings that just weren't all there any more on the outward swing side. He wore jeans, a black tee-shirt that had been in one piece when he'd put it on that morning, but was now slashed at the side where a bullet had self cauterized it's way across him just below his ribs. A pistol in either hand, both hands raised by his head, he listened for his target's movement. The job had started simple enough. Most things do.

He had a law degree. He'd promised Heero that he'd finish that and he'd practice law. He hadn't promised him that he would ch…

New Pic of Youji

Finally getting to write his story, make sure he has a happy life :)

Research... um

The strangest thing I've done for research on a story.. does getting custom made vampire fangs count? How about actually being uke, in the physical sense?

Most of the things I write about are things I'm already thinking about, so I don't really go out of my way to research them.

When I draw stories though I often want photo references so I'll take photos of myself or my housemates  doing whatever it is my characters are supposed to be doing :)

I started therapy yesterday. It's been a long time since I've been in therapy. My big take away yesterday is that my body is the sum of all my choices... today I will exercise and eat healthy food. I think I know who I want to be :)

If you were free to make the choices that would take you to where you want to be? Who would you be and what choices would you make?


First scene from: Valentine's Curse


Nora is the last ditch hard love kind of psychiatrist for the inmates at the state's most high security mental institution. If there's any sanity at all in a person, she'll find it and put it to the surface. She is completely not buying that Valentine was born in 1491 and she believes that he's destined to protect her even less. 

Ivy's going to make her doubt her world even more, though that's the last thing he intends to do. He just wants to protect her from the evil vampire. He's half elf, half werewolf, and entirely unique. The feud between Valentine and the werewolves has lasted centuries and even though both of them were there at the start, neither of them really remembers. 

Both of them want to protect Nora, but it might be Nora who can save them both and have her heart torn in two if these two men can't learn not to be at each other's throats.

This is the first scene in my new WIP.. Valentine's Curse
On June 28, 1491 there were many ba…

New Cover: Valentine's Curse

I'm starting The Pet over.. I never finished it when I was writing it for LYD, as Nix Winter. So I'm going to start with Valentine's story, then move into Alix's. I'm a little torn between making Valentine's lover a woman or a man, maybe a woman in the first story, a man afterwards. I need to give the awesome people who are willing to read my stories some stories they'll really love though.

doujin: Don't Drink the Koolaid 1/?

Don't Drink the Koolaid 1/?

Holy Moly... this took forever to draw and I don't know if it's even any good.  This story is set a couple years before Impulse Control, and nearly a decade before Dangerous Valentines.  The boys are 18/19 in this story.  Duo has to go out and find his purpose in the next couple chapters and Heero probably needs to find a new medical school.  There is some profanity.


I don't own Gundam Wing. Bandai and Sunrise do.

Pic: Bunny explains racism

So I'm doing this class on racism and sexism. My only other class mate is a woman who described a the behavior of a man in one of our readings as 'making a cake of himself'. He was singing an offensive song, in public, to a stranger, because she was a woman who looked Hispanic. That response made me mad.  I should do another panel... where Bunny decides that racism is radioactive waste.

Pic: Waiting for Heero - Down the Rat Hole

and a couple other pics.. I recolored the Duo with A Bunny a couple times.

Wheel chair

Pic: Falling... another Duo pic

Still don't own Gundam wing.. Bandai does. This is from a story called Custody... which is set between Don't Drink the Koolaid and Dangerous Valentines.

Duo - possible self portrait

Lots of gw art lately, ne? BTW, I don't own Gundam Wing... Bandai does.. and you should go watch it on Crunchy Roll, if you haven't already. I've been kinda grumpy lately, so it's kind of a self portrait, but I'm also thinking about totally restarting L2's Child and this would be a pic from that story.

Don't Drink the Koolaid, pg 1

Duo Maxwell, from Gundam Wing, which I don't own. Bandai owns Gundam Wing. Don't Drink the Koolaid is the comic story I'm working on. 

Fic: Getting Schooled 1/?

Getting Schooled 1/? by Pink Whirlwind Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing - Bandai does. I'm just playing. There were two places that Duo Maxwell didn't want to be. The first one was any place that brought him close to dying or losing his freedom. Honestly, that counted for a great many places. The second was Earth. No place felt quite as claustrophobic to him as the surface of humanity's cradle. Bangs sweaty, clinging to his slender face, tongue licking nervously at the edge of his mouth, he rested on the interior skin of the starboard wing, greasy fingers trying desperately to get a retrofitted accelerometer to work at least half assed before the Sweeper craft he'd begged his way onto not only failed to break atmosphere, but tumbled back towards the Atlantic ocean like a good intention into hard cold reality.

"Breath, Duo, fuck," Gears complained from just outside the wing form. "I can hear your thoughts burning up."

"Shadup," Duo bitched bac…