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Interview: Camryn Rhys

Our guest today is Camryn Rhys! She's one of the awesome writers supporting Romance's Biggest Winner contest, which I think is really awesome! So please welcome Camryn :)  We're going to talk about her newest book, "The Barn Dance".


I'm glad to meet you!  The Barn-Dance looks like a fantastic story. Tell me a little about it? 


The Barn Dance is a foodie romance novella about unrequited love. Six years ago, Leo and Mindy had a chance at love, and both of them bailed. But when they get together for the second time, Mindy's job is on the line, and only Leo can help her. When helping her means being in close proximity, he can't hide his desire for her and the kitchen heats up... :)


Looking at it, she was having some trouble baking bread? My own bread is kind of hit or miss. Are you good at baking bread? Is your favorite bread recipe in the book?


She was having trouble in the kitchen in general. But specifically, Leo is an expert baker, so he offers to help her in exchange for her coming to the Barn Dance with him. He's convinced himself he only wants to take her to keep her away from the other leering men on the ranch. But of course, we know better. :) The recipe that's in the book (that Leo walks through with Mindy in the kitchen) is one that's been in my family for several generations. It's my favorite baking recipe, and most of the tips that Leo gives (both in the recipe, and in the story) are things that my grandma passed down to me.


It sounds like your grandma has had a fantastic influence on your life! Cooking and writing are both creative processes. Do you find they overlap? Tell us a little about your creative process?


Well, I write foodie romance, so cooking and writing always overlap for me. Actually, cooking is part of my creative process. I generally like to write my foodie romance stories around a specific recipe, and I make the recipe for inspiration. Whetever happens in the book, I try to recreate as much as possible. So if my hero and heroine burn a batch of buns, for instance, I try to do that myself in order to make the situation happen. That way, I know the smell and the touch of the burned food. Or even the succulent squish of the strawberry between my teeth. Whatever it takes to help create a more real experience of food in my books. Plus, it seems like the experience of cooking always inspires me to some kind of creativity in writing.


Realism is fantastic for stories. What's your favorite book that you've written? Read? Who's your favorite writer?


The best book I've read lately was "Delicious" by Sherry Thomas. She wrote a historical romance book that was also a foodie book, about a man who doesn't taste his food. He falls in love with his cook. She has a way of talking about food that's unlike anyone I've ever read. It would be because of her historical voice, but she's one of the very few foodie romance novelists who can genuinely make me hungry when I'm reading. And also who I think knows more about food than I do. :)


That would be fantastic, to make the story so real it can make someone hungry. I bet your stories do that too!  Can you share an excerpt with us?


I'd be happy to. This is a scene from the kitchen (where most of the book takes place), where Leo decides to change things up a little bit...

His generous lips rolled into a smile. "How can I help, then?"

Too bad he only smiled when she offered not to disrobe. He should do that more often. She put him to work on the potatoes while she searched the kitchen for sandwich makings. Leo ditched the peeler she’d given him and reached into his back pocket. When he pulled out his pocket knife, Mindy cocked her head.

"What are you doing?"

He put his thumb on the edge of a blade and pried it up. He settled the knife in his right hand, a potato in his left, and started to cut the skin away in one long strip. "Peeling potatoes."

"You can’t do it with a peeler like the rest of us?"

Although his concentration was obviously on the sharp blade in his hand, he managed to smirk at her without meeting her eyes. "You have your ways, I have mine."

Still, something about the movement of his reaching into his pocket and retrieving a carving tool thrilled her. It felt primal, earthy. Like men had been doing it for millions of years in exactly the same fashion.

Like sex. Get a grip, girl. Your job is on the line. She busied herself with finding baggies, counting them out into piles, two for each man, including her and Leo. Then she filled one of each of the bags with potato chips and gathered all the baggies into a pile.

"You’re doing it the hard way, Min." Leo had a puzzled look on his face when she met his gaze. He pointed to the bags. "You could just bring the big bag and we can all share."

"You have your ways, I have mine."

He laughed. "You do like to twist my words back on me, don’t you?"

Ignoring his baiting, she pulled one of the white towels off a pan of readying buns and waved them in front of Leo. "Do these look ready?"

"Do you have the oven pre-heated?"

"You said to leave it heating and put the buns on top so they’d rise faster."

Leo chuckled . "I’m surprised you listened to me."

"Well, I don’t want to lose my job." She waved the pan again. The little white balls had almost tripled in size since she put them under the cloth over an hour previous. "So, are they ready?"

He nodded slowly, surveying the lot with careful attention. His gaze traveled to her hand, up her arm, then lingered on her chest and at last made it to her face. "Looks perfect to me."


This sounds like a great story!

So where can readers find you? Give us contact links?

What new works do have in progress?


Readers can find me at which is my combination website/blog,
and on my group blog:

You can find The Barn Dance on
All Romance Ebooks:
Breathless Press website itself:

I've just finished a set of foodie erotic books that I'm submitting, and I'm also finishing the sequel to The Barn-Dance, which will be Cal's story. It's very fun. I hope to have several more books out this year. But we'll see, of course. Check out my blog for more information. And thanks so much for having me!


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