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fic: Obvious - 1x2, Gundam Wing

by Pink Whirlwind
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Notes: 1x2, no lemon, marriage proposal

I like happy feedback. If you think I'm complete crap, I'm okay not knowing.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Bandai. I don't own them. I'm just using the boys for fun.

The cargo ship rocked with internal explosions. With the destruction of OZ and the return of freedom had come the rise of power hungry cults that would tell people anything to get the most resources out of them.

Duo had been on edge since he and Heero had been assigned to work case. In Une's opinion Duo, as he'd actually gone to seminary for a couple years after the war, was perfect to head up the case where people were claiming to worship demons. Duo had been on edge enough not to respond to Heero's careful scrutiny of his partner.


The pistol felt heavy, hot, and oddly like a rosary in his hand. Nothing about this mission had been his first choice. Everything had been off and he wished he was more surprised that they were fighting demon worshipers than he actually was.

Heero stood close, body relaxed, like the great predator that was. His pistol fired at regular intervals, taking enough time between shots for targeting and then the the death of one of their opponents.

Duo's pistol was less regular, but no less deadly.

They were going to die.

Duo didn't mind his own death so much. He'd come to terms with that years before. He wanted Heero to live though.

"Hallowed be thy name," he prayed out loud. "They kingdom come...."

Duo started, eyes going wide, pistol hesitating. At the corner nearest them stood the most beautiful creature of light he'd ever imagined. A slender hand reached out to him, motioning him forward.  Distantly, as if the gun fight had lost all meaning to him, he heard choppers and knew in his soul that the people they'd rescued were away, safe.

The next words he heard were sweet, lullaby lovely, "Turn my son. Smite the enemies of God."

He knew just exactly which direction, where and he did smite the enemies of god. Arm out, already targeting an angry screaming man with fangs for teeth and hair spiked the color of flames. He fired, sending the man over backwards and into God's Judgement. Arms wrapped around him, driving him to the hard metal floor. They hit hard, breath gasping out of him like spilled champagne.  The angel wrapped around them shielding them from impossible gun fire. The beautiful figure of light pointed towards a distant door that Duo had not seen before, perhaps because it had been sealed over. The ship listed to the side. The door opened with a creak, revealing a ruined chapel.

Duo shifted out from under Heero, who hadn't moved again yet, got his arms under Heero's shoulders and dragged him, betting everything that the angel would keep them without any more holes. "Come on Heero! Get up! No dieing on my yet!"

"I am not mortally wounded," Heero said calmly, very much wishing that he could shut out pain as effectively as he had been able to in the war. "We are moving in the wrong direction."

"The angel showed me a chapel," Duo said, carrying Heero as much as he could. "Did you see the angel?"

Duo closed the chapel door hard behind them. He blinked... for a moment the chapel looked like Maxwell Church a whole life time away, then it was back to being some dinky ruined chapel on a ship.  "I'm hallucinating," Duo advised Heero, not from any request for help, just because they were partners and they told each other ... well, almost everything. "Just in case this is like my last lucid moment or some shit... I've been in love with you for years. How bad are you bleeding?" He aimed that at a still upright pew.

"I also wish to form a long term mutually beneficial relationship with you," Heero agreed.  "We need not to be in this space. We should extract with our team."

"But the angel showed me this room. It must be for the best."

Heero found the will to block out the pain from the gunshot in his thigh. The bone wasn't broken, just muscle damage. While Duo checked his clips, Heero reached for Duo's face, catching him by surprise, but calming him as he lifted Duo's face so their eyes met. "Will you marry me?"

"I don't really think this is the right time."

"It is exactly the right time. Your mental state has been unusual for weeks, since we started this case. You admit that you are hallucinating. I have known that you loved me for years and I have taken the time to fully explore the potential of our future. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, I wish to be your partner always."

"You think I'm losing my mind," Duo said, completely dead pan, pistol hanging from a limp arm.

"Even if you are, I want us to be partners and for us to trust each other. Do you trust me, Duo Maxwell?"

"Yeah, Heero, I do," Duo said, leaning into Heero's palm against his cheek. "But I saw an angel. I really did. It's not the first time either."

"There are things which are undiscovered," Heero allowed and that was as generous as he could get when he really, really wanted to be.

"Thanks, Heero," Duo said, recognizing the statement as a very great dispensation from Heero's staunch atheism. "There's a reason why the angel summoned us in here. We should find it. Maybe there's another cell with prisoners or something."

"This place doesn't look like there were people in here recently," Heero said doubtfully.

It was like the wind hit him, picked him up, and threw him across the ruined little chapel.  Duo ran after him, vaulting broken pews and debris. "Heero."

He pulled his rosary off, struggling to get it passed his braid as he knelt by an unconscious Heero. "Heero, wake the hell up! There's something in here!"

A figure of mist swirled up out of the trickling sea water that tried to breach the little chapel like roots sinking down into the dirt.

"You leave Heero alone!"

The figure cocked her hips and smoothed an eyebrow with a slender fingertip.  "I don't care about him, not that I could touch him as you've put that that repugnant talisman around his neck. But you...  I've waited so long for you," the misty figure purred. "You're a naughty - naughty child." The figure seemed female, but mythical - a valkyrie or a fury.

Duo, arm behind him, hand around the sleek oak staff of the scythe he'd never really forgotten, even if he had thought it had all been youthful imagination, imaginary hero powers dreamed up in the mind of a starving child. "You're all talk and no smite!"

She swayed, not on legs, but maybe just the ebb and flow of the rising water. "Oh, but things are different now. You're so far away from daddy's power that it's hard to even tell who's get you are."

"I ain't got no father," Duo said, scythe slicing dark flickering light as he struck, slicing sacred iron through her misty form. She laughed, dissipated, scattering and shattering away from him, but just as fast rebounding back to form behind him, now boney fingers clutching around his neck.

"Oh you do!" The figure purred. "Fate and Death.  You were cursed before you were ever conceived."

Duo struggled as the figure lifted him from the water shaking and strangling him. His fingers clawed at her longer, inhumanly stronger fingers. Legs kicked. His face darkened as he gasped. She shook him, tightening her hands around his throat.

Then Heero tackled him, taking him towards the ground and out of the grasp of a monster Heero couldn't even see. They hit the ground, rolled, an unconscious and limp Duo held in Heero's strong arms.

Holding Duo to him, Heero held up the cross at the end of the rosary, in the direction of the wind that had held Duo three feet off the floor and recited prayers in Latin. He'd learned a lot of them while Duo had been in seminary. Slowly he began to see the outline of a figure that couldn't be there. The only thing he changed was that instead of god, he commanded the evil spirit to depart in Duo's name. It stood to reason that if this stuff worked, it worked because of the faith the speaker had in it, and Heero really only had faith in Duo.

The ship crunched unpleasantly and Heero realized that the ship was sinking, and fast, fast enough that it was beginning to crush.

"I won't let you hurt him!"

The figure, still just a black misty outline leaned close and growled, "How can I not want to hurt a child who abandoned his home and family to live in the suffering that is your world? I don't want to kill him. I just want him to become himself again. He's my brother."

"And he's my husband."

"Liar. It takes more than his willingness to marry you. Human custom requires a priest."

"I am an ordained priest of the Universal Church of Life. If Duo was going to be a priest. So was I. If he's your brother, you should assist us. That makes me your brother-in-law."

"I am a Valkyrie!"

"And I'm Heero Yuy. Can you help us or not?"

Her scream filled the space they were in in ways that Heero thought might be the closest he'd ever come to being in a tetrahedron.

"Heero!" Trowa shouted in Heero's ear. "Let go of Duo! We need to get him out of the water."

Confused, dehydrated, miserable beyond what one might expect for being in the ocean with a bullet wound and temperary hearing reduction, Heero responded to Trowa's command and released Duo so that Wufei could harness him and get him out of the water.  Trowa worked on doing the same thing to Heero, gentle, but very efficient.

"How did you get out of the hold? When they blew the only exit, I thought..."

"Extra terrestrial intelligence extracted us. It's Duo's sister. Is Duo okay?"

"He's alive. That's better than expected. Knowing you two, you'll be back on a case in a week."

"We're getting married."

"Okay, maybe a month. You musta hit your head."

"Duo does love me."

"I know that," Trowa said, as the helicopter above them retracted the cable attached to them, pulling them from the ocean. "But you love him back? Enough to marry him."

"I always have," Heero said, "I thought it was obvious."

"Yeah and Duo's sister is an alien valkyrie. I'm seriously voting for head trauma."


Of course, they get married, have a happy life :)


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