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fic: Down the Rat Hole 2/?

Down the Rat Hole 2/? by Pink Whirlwind Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, Bandai does. I'm just enjoying the fandom.  Note: This story is a bit AU. I tend to like my sci-fi and while GW is a sci-fi... most of the stuff I imagine a few years in our future wasn't even thought of when GW came out.  Duo may have given the impression that he was 28 in the last chapter... what he said was ..  Duo muse: *looks back over the last chapter* "You made me lie. You wrote this." Me: *scratches behind ear, purses lips*  Duo: "Seriously. YOU wrote that I LIED. Fix it." Me: *sighs* "Fine. You're twenty-eight. You've been with Heero for eleven years and six months." Duo: *huge wide eyes* "YOU cost me eleven years of my life! How am I going to get those back, uh?" Me: *shrinks back from Shinigami* Heero:*whispers in Duo's ear* Duo: *starts to smile*   Heero: *whispers more, a hand sliding under Duo's braid* Duo: *smiles brightly* "Never mind. I…

Comic: Duo's Accidental Lie

In my current story, Down the Rat Hole, I had Duo say he was 28... which I meant him to be 17, but I guess now he's actually 28... here is the conversation that when on in my head...

Birthday pic of Deathscythe

Drew this for a fellow Duo Maxwell :)

Fic: Down the Rat Hole 1/?

Down the Rat Hole 1/? by Pink Whirlwind Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, Bandai does. I'm just enjoying the fandom. 

"Oh great lord," Sister Elena hissed. "How old can you possibly be? And you're the only one that can help?"

His paperwork said he was Father David Alexander. A lean man in blacks just slightly too large, even after they'd been taken in by hand, his braid hung to his eyes, and there was a dangerous predatory chill to his violet eyes that left the good sister's blood a little colder. "I'm twenty-eight," he said as he respectfully dipped his fingers into the holy water before making the sign of the cross. "Sister, it is better for you to leave the details out of our control up to God. I had been scheduled to celebrated God's beneficent grace at a different conference, with some close friends of mine, before I heard about you possession. It was only by God's everlasting grace and my partners' excellent self…

Impulse Control

This is set early in the Dangerous Valentine's timeline, when Heero is still a medical student, and still having some serious impulse control concerns :) 

Personal Trainer Cert!

I've been putting off taking the test for gosh, a year... and the cost was going up at the beginning of next month, so I just did it! And I passed!

Loving Robin

I'm working on a new Robin Hood story :)

New pic of Shelly

I don't know if it's any good... I will get good though. I am going to!

and a second version! Which do you like better?



So I was having a conversation with a highly cool person and the topic that a man can take what he wants if a woman dresses the way she wants came up. This topic really gets to me. Those poor girls who have their breasts ironed in Africa so that men and boys won't be attracted to them... because if men and boys are attracted to them they're going to take what they want.... that's obnoxious. The idea that a man can't tell himself... "Lovely woman.. nice tits... should I take the woman and make her scream and cry, ruin give her a need for therapy for the rest of her life," Random man touches his chin, gives thoughtful look at the clouds, "No... I guess I better not do that. I won't want anyone to do that to me."

Maybe what these men think, like my mother's third husband, "My cock is magical! I will take this woman and she will melt happily around me!"  Maybe they think that. Maybe they ought to have religious leaders, fathers,…

fic: Obvious - 1x2, Gundam Wing

by Pink Whirlwind
my site:

Notes: 1x2, no lemon, marriage proposal

I like happy feedback. If you think I'm complete crap, I'm okay not knowing.

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing belongs to Bandai. I don't own them. I'm just using the boys for fun.

The cargo ship rocked with internal explosions. With the destruction of OZ and the return of freedom had come the rise of power hungry cults that would tell people anything to get the most resources out of them.

Duo had been on edge since he and Heero had been assigned to work case. In Une's opinion Duo, as he'd actually gone to seminary for a couple years after the war, was perfect to head up the case where people were claiming to worship demons. Duo had been on edge enough not to respond to Heero's careful scrutiny of his partner.


The pistol felt heavy, hot, and oddly like a rosary in his hand. Nothing about this mission had been his first choice. Everything had been off a…

A path of light

WELCOME to the UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH Reverend Nix Jewls Winter

To confirm your ordination, please click: if you have not already. This is a repeat of the message that you should've gotten right after the ordination.

The hear this welcome on audio, click

The Universal Life Church has sent your application for ordination from The ULC SEMINARY in Elk Grove, CA to ULC Headquarters in Modesto, California on Saturday, 20 August 2011.

Providing that you filled out the form properly with your legal first and last name, it will be approved and entered into the International Database of the Ministry of the Church, whose numbers are in excess of 20 million ordained ministers worldwide.

Please save this email! If there are any electronic glitches, you'll need this email to prove that you were ordained. Print it and also save it to a separate file to ensure that your ordinat…
My ideal resume... Some of this stuff is true, some of it I just want to make true!

Nix Winter Objective  To find a place on a team working with closed habitat systems or space exploration Profile  Historian and sociologist, linguist, experience with hydroponics Skills Summary 
Army VeteranAPFT Score 265Certified personal trainerFrenchJapanese Latin ArabicPythonHydroponicsElectrical systems Engineer
Professional Experience  Writing: Freelance writer  Created many written works, in various genres to reach different target audiencesMet deadlines, brainstormed new projects, worked well with other collaboratorsIn Amazon's top 100 several times, ARE Finalist, P&E top ten cover artistCustomer Service: Act Theatre Subscription Consultant Reached out to subscribers to invite them back to the theaterMatch subscriber's pace, synchronized with their goals to provide them the best experienceCellular Communications: Customer and Financial service, technical support Resolved …

Alin staring at the stars

I'm starting another Alin and Jody story... totally AU to Under Any Sun With You. This time they're students at a space academy, adults, but not former soldiers.

Sam Winchester and Draco Malfoy

The fic that goes with this... maybe tomorrow :)  Right it's just two Slytherins saving the world one victory at a time...

Sam Winchester and Draco Malfoy

The fic that goes with this... maybe tomorrow :)  Right it's just two Slytherins saving the world one victory at a time...

Interview: Camryn Rhys

Our guest today is Camryn Rhys! She's one of the awesome writers supporting Romance's Biggest Winner contest, which I think is really awesome! So please welcome Camryn :)  We're going to talk about her newest book, "The Barn Dance".


I'm glad to meet you!  The Barn-Dance looks like a fantastic story. Tell me a little about it? 


The Barn Dance is a foodie romance novella about unrequited love. Six years ago, Leo and Mindy had a chance at love, and both of them bailed. But when they get together for the second time, Mindy's job is on the line, and only Leo can help her. When helping her means being in close proximity, he can't hide his desire for her and the kitchen heats up... :)


Looking at it, she was having some trouble baking bread? My own bread is kind of hit or miss. Are you good at baking bread? Is your favorite bread recipe in the book?


She was having trouble in the kitchen in general. But specifically, Leo is an expert ba…