Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony
There are lots of things in this world that make me uncomfortable. On somedays, in fact, it's almost everything. I have PTS, the occasional depression, less panic attacks than I used to have and I think I'm a very creatively well adapted person. My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic person and when I was very young she fell in with some people who were very dangerous and lacked the veneer of civilization, as Thucydides might say. My father is a Christian street preacher and he's been married to his new wife about as long as I've been alive. He's a really nice guy, but his level of understanding and acceptance is about as strong as my good intentions in a really fine bakery. 

I give you this background because if there was anyone who was going to hate the hell out of Casey Anthony, well, I'd fit the profile pretty good, ne?

So let's think this through....

How much of what we know about 'Tot Mom' came from Nancy Grace? Does Nancy Grace have a motive to create a villain?  Wow, look at those ratings! Nancy Grace becomes the hero of a beautiful child, the voice of all our anger over our own subconscious grievances from our own childhoods and the unfairness of the world. More than anyone else so far Nancy Grace has profited from the death of this child. Profit would be a motive for murder, but I don't think anyone can place Ms. Grace anywhere near the scene. I think she has pretty good alibis. 

Now, let's look at Casey Anthony. Sane and smart people tell good lies, at least lies that  have some chance of working. Instead, she says... 

"I left my child with a nanny... "

Now what smart eight-year-old knows if they say that some fellow student by the name of X took their lunch money, and people look at the school rolls and there's no X... that the lie will be exposed. That's really not a hard outcome to foresee.  No need for the Delphi Oracle. 

Casey Anthony could not reach, did not reach, or wanted a bad outcome... but her lies were like rotting paper walls. 

So let see what we know... what we absolutely know.

Casey was the last person known to be with Kaylee.

The Anthony's seem to have a fairly nice house, if the relationships were a bit strained and dysfunctional.

Casey lied about her job, the nanny, left the house and didn't come back as soon as she could, told utter fictions to the other people in her life.
Casey seems emotionally non standard... just strange expressions, as if she's detached from the world in fundamentally unhelpful ways. 

The car was not found in Casey's possession. 

The car had a bad oder in the trunk.

The grandmother seems very intense and genuine about wanting to find her granddaughter.

Kaylee's body was found in very bad shape.

No cause of death can be established. 

No DNA or other serious evidence connects Casey or her father to the scene where Kaylee was found. 

Nancy Grace likes to say inflammatory things, constantly, to keep her ratings high.

Kaylee's dead.

We're probably never going to know how Kaylee really died.

So we can prove that Casey has emotional problems. We can prove that Kaylee's dead. Being emotionally screwed up does not mean that you are a murderer. 

All of you people out there jumping up and down screaming like a lynch mob... your ability to reason has been rented out by adverts for cable TV. 

What about this scenario....

Casey is emotionally screwed up, not the brightest person in the world. She wants to be someplace that she can't take Kaylee... leaves Kaylee sleeping in the car. There's no proof that happened, but it's not so very hard to believe. 

How many actually dangerous predator people are there in the world who would like to do something bad to a beautiful little girl?

Way too many.

Third party predator takes car and girl. 

Casey's scrambled thought process can't remember where she left the car or the girl, but something bad has happened. 

That's as likely as a pool drowning. Probably more likely than a person with as fuzzy thinking as Casey could plan the death of her daughter because she thought the child would expose her lies? I don't see Casey being able to reason that through. 

Besides, wouldn't it have been a very lot easier to have faked her own death, run away and left the kid with her parents?

But be that as it may.... there is not enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony of killing her daughter and this is an excellent example of why we shouldn't try our criminal cases with loud screaming and slurrs like 'tot mom'. 

Justice is about reason, not about emotional vengeance. 

Death is the great enemy of us all. It's sad that Kaylee fell way too early. 


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