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Lucky Tree: A Jewls the Lucky story

Lucky Tree by Faith Luna There are shadows within shadows where life and death play in the night. She lunged, her obsidian blade more moonlight than substance. He seemed to float back, up onto a fallen tree, balanced like a cat or a forest spirit. The hood of his cloak fell back, pooling around his shoulders, leaving summer moonlight painting the color of blood over hair drawn back from his face.  The same moonlight painted her ghostly pale as she looked up at him. Dark circles under her eyes, the bright red of a still seeping gash on her cheek made her paler still, though she did not lower her blade. "Name," she demanded. Still on the fallen tree, light and fae, he bowed, arms reaching out to the sides, though his right arm came forward, catching the merciless moonlight over the jagged brands of his Speaker's mark. Demon red hair framed his face, soft full drapes of impossibly long hair, hair the gods would slay any other than a Speaker for wearing. His amethyst eyes watche…
I'm working on getting The Pet finished... and at this point redone.


Pen Names and faith

Pen names People are throwing eggs at Justin Bieber.  


What is wrong with people?

I've flopped around about having a pen name. 

I've worried that if I wanted to be a fancy historian that writing pharaohs banging slaves on the Nile would hurt my credibility. 

I've worried that writing m/f (which I'm complete shit at) would hurt my 'brand'. 

I've worried that accusations of plagiarism against a former writing partner hurt me. 

I've worried that I'm not really Nix. I'm Duo and I'm Youji... to use the name Nix unsettles me... forces me into being something that I'm not always. 

There was this jerk from my past... a beautiful man, probably the best m/f sex I've ever had and it came with the biggest price tag ever too.  I knew him when I was in the army and he came on my facebook page and wrote something really hurtful. I mean how is it my fault that his current wife doesn't like him talking to old lovers? After I covered for him t…

Dice and Black

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony There are lots of things in this world that make me uncomfortable. On somedays, in fact, it's almost everything. I have PTS, the occasional depression, less panic attacks than I used to have and I think I'm a very creatively well adapted person. My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic person and when I was very young she fell in with some people who were very dangerous and lacked the veneer of civilization, as Thucydides might say. My father is a Christian street preacher and he's been married to his new wife about as long as I've been alive. He's a really nice guy, but his level of understanding and acceptance is about as strong as my good intentions in a really fine bakery. 

I give you this background because if there was anyone who was going to hate the hell out of Casey Anthony, well, I'd fit the profile pretty good, ne?

So let's think this through....

How much of what we know about 'Tot Mom' came from Nancy Grace? Does Nancy Grace have…