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Under Any Sun With You

Line art by Sethron

Title: With You Under Any Sun
By: Faith Luna
Genre: yaoi, m/m/m, sci-fi, frontier (kind of western), recovery
Word Count: 53000
This volume contains: 
With You Under Any Sun
A Blond American, Neat
Lace and Chains
A Table Like the Moon
Arthur Interviews Lanselet
Knocking on Heaven's Door
Cake and Sex
Knew You From a Dream
A Storm Without Kisses
Protecting Charlie

It's all yaoi :) All the time. :)

Alin is a cop. Jody is the best trauma physician, probably on the planet. They've put the war behind them. Neither of them deal in death any more, though Alin is not above forcing justice with his fists if he has to. Neither of them saw the war striking back at them, threatening all that they love, sending them off world, and they think they're ready to go explore the universe, that there's nothing left to surprise them. 

The stories in this book have cops, doctors, vampires, Egyptians and deal with bomb threats, addictions, fears, parenting, break ups, power exchanges, and even King Arthur. 

Whistling contentedly he took the elevator up to Jody's office, which was high enough up in the building that it ought to have meant some kind of status. At least it had a hell of a view. What it had was a better connection to the data stream and a private bathroom. He'd claimed it as a resident. No one had been willing to disagree with him. Maybe that was one of the benefits of making the headlines a couple times with great photos that really capture that look of crazed maniac. The other thing about the floor where Jody's office was was that it had never really been finished. That probably had something to do with the lack of dispute too. So there was this great big open space on the thirty-ninth floor that was supposed to be filled up with little half cubicles and people answering billing questions or something, but there was just Jody's office suite, the view, and a punching bag. The punching bag was Alin's, but no one had complained yet, so there it was privilege in the high world of those who had the gaul not to die. 

The bundle of flowers in one hand, he knocked, and put on his brightest smile. Jody opened the door and their eyes met. Alin thrust the flowers forward. Jody grabbed him, hands on his shoulders pulling him close then arms around him as he pressed their lips together. Alin parted his lips, giving in to the intense, but less than civilized need in his husband. Tongues caressed over each other, over teeth, lips, everywhere, the most primitive form of data handshake humans had ever used, exchanging a rich stream of well being though such intimate touch. Jody's fingers slid into Alin's ponytail, pulling his hair free as he pulled his lover all the way into his office and kicked the door shut. 

Roses hit the ground. Jody lifted Alin office his feet, buried his face in Alin's neck, scent, lose hair and Alin let him rubbing his back, fingering Jody's short still slightly damp hair.  

"Were you going to tell me?" Jody finally set him back down on his feet, both strong hands cupping his face as he studied Alin's violet eyes.

"I was going to start with like, 'So say there was this hypothetical bomb in the hospital and all... And, just hypothetically, say we couldn't find or stop the bomber, without potentially triggering some of the bombs in one place or another and well, so, like ... if that were the case, but you and me, we could just walk out together. Go have lunch, say at the spaceport, would you go with me?"

"Would you leave me here, if I asked you to, with all my heart?"

"You won't ask me to do that."

Alin understood then that Jody had probably been listening in on his secure communications for years, and really, thinking about it, there was no way that Jody won't have needed to know everything. It would be the only real way that Jody would have been able to let go enough for there to have been undercover missions. He had nothing to hide from his love, that  Jody probably knew every secret he'd ever had and loved him anyway made the end of the world all that more something. Sharp maybe. 

They kissed again, desperate and intimate. Jody took the kiss to a nibble at the back of Alin's neck, because he knew his husband loved that sensation and Alin moaned happily. The moan turned into clinging, arms around Jody as tightly as he could. "Forgive me?"

"There is nothing to forgive," Jody said. "De Gaule will find a solution."

"What if she doesn't?"

"Are you afraid to die?"

"A little."

"If you ask me to leave with you, I will."

"You'd never forgive yourself."

"There are three thousand four hundred and seventy six people, not counting that visiting hours just started. We could evacuate how many before the bomb was triggered early? And the schools? We're not the heros anymore. We're just the people who go to work and order take away."

"You don't eat take out."

"And you're the only hero that ever mattered to me. Do you want to have intercourse? I have the lubricant you prefer."

Alin laughed, arms out to his side, leaning back, trusting Jody to hold onto him. "Hell yes, Jody! Fuck me! Fuck the world! Didn't we fight a war so this stuff won't happen anymore?"

Jody swept Alin up in his arms and carried him to his desk, which was already cleared off and covered with a clean blanket. "Sorry. It might take all the time we've got for me to just fuck you."

"Make it a long fuck. I promised Ann you'd make her pizza next week."

"Mission accepted," Jody said with a very wicked grin.


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