Review: Jason to Jessica

Title: Jason to Jessica
Author: Starfox Howl 
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Imagine a powerful, confident, sexy alpha male...

Now imagine if he woke up in a body that was stacked a little more like Jessica Rabbit?
The prose stacks one thought on another, strong and firm, with neat and clean words, even when the concepts are very human and real. Reading this story is to follow masculine thoughts, masculine fantasies, wrapped in a female package. 

A lot of my stories are very yaoi (Okay... like all of them) and minimizing gender roles is the norm.  In Starfox's book, gender roles are highlighted, echoed, reverberated and there is penetration of souls and the more  immediate mortal coils as well. 

Jessica's sexual duality is the stuff of fantasies. Very hot and wicked, challenging to everything boring. Stories should take us someplace new and Jason to Jessica does!

It is also a very affirming book. It leaves me with a feeling of being proud of who I am. 
Now to be clear, this book is not a yaoi book, not a traditional romance with a pretty princess main character, but it is erotic and daring. It's worth a second read, at least.


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