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Meeting Voltaire

If you could have lunch/dinner with one author, who would it be? What sort of restaurant would you select for the meeting? What would you want to ask him/her? How would you expect the conversation to go? Paint a written picture of the event.

There are so many great writers that I'd like to meet! Julius Caesar!  Geoffrey Monmouth - the first person known to have written about King Arthur... I would love to know what he knew, where those stories came from! Voltaire or Benjamin Franklin! Can you imagine tea with Benjamin, Voltaire and Rousseau? Those would be some dangerously spicy cookies. 

I'd like to say that I'd have really amazing questions to ask them, world shattering questions. I'd like to get some clarity on what they thought being a deist meant and if Benji really wanted to see the United States as the evangelical home base from which they'd impress their religion on everyone's life style. I'd ask Voltaire what he thought of Newton. That would be a lov…

Under Any Sun With You

Title: With You Under Any Sun By: Faith Luna Site: Genre: yaoi, m/m/m, sci-fi, frontier (kind of western), recovery Word Count: 53000 Buy Link This volume contains:  With You Under Any Sun A Blond American, Neat Lace and Chains A Table Like the Moon Arthur Interviews Lanselet Tahrir Knocking on Heaven's Door Cake and Sex Knew You From a Dream A Storm Without Kisses Protecting Charlie Trust Snowman

It's all yaoi :) All the time. :)

Excerpt: Alin is a cop. Jody is the best trauma physician, probably on the planet. They've put the war behind them. Neither of them deal in death any more, though Alin is not above forcing justice with his fists if he has to. Neither of them saw the war striking back at them, threatening all that they love, sending them off world, and they think they're ready to go explore the universe, that there's nothing left to surprise them. 

The stories in this book have co…

Review: Jason to Jessica

Title: Jason to Jessica Author: Starfox Howl  Buy Link:

Imagine a powerful, confident, sexy alpha male...

Now imagine if he woke up in a body that was stacked a little more like Jessica Rabbit? The prose stacks one thought on another, strong and firm, with neat and clean words, even when the concepts are very human and real. Reading this story is to follow masculine thoughts, masculine fantasies, wrapped in a female package. 

A lot of my stories are very yaoi (Okay... like all of them) and minimizing gender roles is the norm.  In Starfox's book, gender roles are highlighted, echoed, reverberated and there is penetration of souls and the more  immediate mortal coils as well. 

Jessica's sexual duality is the stuff of fantasies. Very hot and wicked, challenging to everything boring. Stories should take us someplace new and Jason to Jessica does!

It is also a very affirming book. It leaves me with a feeling of being proud of who I am.  Now to be clear, thi…

Cover for A Lady's Wager

What do you all think?

Good, Bad, and Somewhere In Between

Good, Bad, and Somewhere In Between I don't write children's books. I'd likely sell more books if I did. Maybe I'll actually try to do a children's book tonight.  Good and bad are very fuzzy and transitory terms.  Some books, like life, are filled with characters that are vibrantly nuanced. To some people they're good. To some people they're bad. On some days they burn the sandwiches.  There was a time when I guess, I really did believe in good and, by default, evil or bad. But the really important idea was that I was good... I worked at being good. I was good to other people. I tried to live with honor. I thought... I could be good. *wiggles fingers, as if I'm doing magic* Things happened.  Whatever happened, just imagine if a friend of yours wrote a book where a character that was like you - and you were at least the pseudo-antagonist.  I didn't actually read any such book, but it was a shock a lot like that.  It was possible for other people to see me as …

Bunny goes to the library!

This comic was inspired by my recent trip to the library! I got lots of great books about ancient Greece :)


Good Morning!

I love saying 'good morning'. Morning is such a lovely time of day, even if it's right before I go to bed.

I've consolidated my blogs here... just this one..

That domain has a lot of meaning for me. Faith is an amazing character that I have a lot of investment in. I was writing him with PinWheel, and they're an amazing writer, way more popular than me, but I'm a stubborn dick. Just so you know. Faith in the Moon has so many nuances for me. It's about independence, love of nature, faith in things that can't be explained, even if I'm an atheist all the way... I still love pretty beautiful spiritual feelings that can be explained. If we knew everything, won't that be boring, ne?

Also.. some of my stories have come down from this site. Google finally brought the hammer down.. no google ads revenue for sites that contain adult material. Fail. Suck. Oh well. I'll write my erotica and if you all want it :) You can get it on kindl…

Pic: London

More Corey pics

Pic: Corey and August... a lovely Saturday


Picaso Okay. I don't like Picaso.  Everyone I've ever talked to about him, with the exception of people who don't care for art at all, always love Picaso! When I went to the Picaso exhibit.... it was so popular. I've never seen the museum so very full. I wandered about sneaking up on people as one does in the crowd.  I'd ask, "So what do you like about Picaso?" Stranger: "Well, he's so interesting." Me: "How so? What do you see?" Stranger: *melts away as one does in a crowd* Picaso is on my mind this morning because I got up and he's the subject of a professor lecturing on  Joy de Vivre is rather lovely in comparison.  So I'm listening to this lecture, trying to hard to get some meaning out of Picaso. How can I be like the only human who really doesn't 'get' Picaso?  There's a pic of his doves from 1957... the composition doesn't echo anger, discord... I think he liked his pet doves in ways that he never really lik…

Pic: Corey in the Aftermath

This is Corey after Bon gets him home from the police station.  I've downloaded Daz4... gonna try to animate Confessions and a Cassock.

Story: Tahrir

Tahrir By Sebastian Blade
Tahrir The Mediterranean Ocean caresses the Northern edge of Africa. The Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Ocean pull and push at each other just like ideas have rattled through and around Egypt for millennia.  It was as if hand of the last Pharaoh barely held Egyptian pride through the pangs of history. Maybe there had never been forgiveness for a strangled Caesarion.  
"Tig! Are you coming to play or not?" 
Tig's fingers paused on the keyboard.  A slender man, short, with wild brown hair, and wire rimmed glasses, he looked up, smiled absently. "Football? Yeah, I'll come. I just have a little bit more to write." Aptera flopped an arm around Tig's shoulders. "Such old dry stuff. The day is beautiful. You should come and play with us. There's no rain. It's not hot. We should play a little because tomorrow is going to be a great day!"

"He's not going to be here," Sati taunted. "American…