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Writing Schedule

I've really struggled with writing lately. I retired from my last full time job in 2008 and I thought I'd arrived... that I'd just write gloriously into trips to Paris and happy fan letters.
But really, I'm about to finish my current novel, which I think is the best work I've ever done. 
I just got up here today. It's 9:30. I'm going to write until this novel is done. Tomorrow I'm going to rip up the tiles in the downstairs kitchen, but even while I'm doing that, I'll be thinking about story. 
I kinda have two states... working on story, or being miserable. 
I watched a show recently called "Skip Beat". It's a show about actors and I realized that the way I write is a lot like acting.  So my books are a little like movies. I like graphic novels too, but I also love prose, so as works they merge into this product of my imagination.
This post is for the blog hop :) So here's a question for you... what do you hope for your writing? What is an ideal outcome for you? Do you want to see your stories made into movies? Be on the NY Times Best Seller list?  What's your favorite publisher? What do you dream?


although the idea of having one of mine made into a movie is glamorous, after reading a book and then seeing the movie, i' afraid i'd be disappointed in what they do to it. i've never been able to understand why they bought the story just to change it into something that's barely recognizable.
Anonymous said…
Good luck on the novel! I WISH I could sit here all day until mine was done, but then the next story would start nagging at me... I'm afraid I'm never done. :)
Sebastian Blade said…
@ Larion - I guess they do it because it's got an audience already. Sometimes the changes are good. I rather like the HP movies more than than the books, sometimes, though I like the earlier books a lot. What if you could make the movie?

@Dianne - What is the problem in never being done?
Anonymous said…
I too, find I'm working on my writing even when I am doing something unrelated. :)

Oh wouldn't it be good to have our stories made into movies? :D
Lucille said…
I, too, hear they make a lot of changes to a book they buy to turn into a movie. I'm sad because I don't seem to have the drive that you other authors have, but I do like writing. Once a story begins in my mind I'm either working on it on the computer or it's working itself up while I'm busy doing other things. Good luck with your writing and may you one day have a movie made from one of your books.

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