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Excerpt 2: Redeem Me

Title: Redeem Me
By: Sebastian Blade
Publisher:  SLPP
Genre: yaoi, m/m, contemporary, paranormal, illustrated, and it might even count as inspirational. 
Buy Link:
Rating: NC17... Contains graphic sex, language, and violence
Love's roots run deep in a soul. It's not just the beautiful blossoming of love when two people meet. This story spans Corey and August's lives. To know the way forward, sometimes you have to know where you've been. Law is not very good for redemption. To redeem his lover, August will have to venture into faith, which may be a little hard for a man who seduced his lover in his limousine the first day they met and nearly lost him after sex at a nightclub. For the first time in his life - love becomes more important than sex. 
Excerpt 2
August hadn't ridden a bike since he was twelve. All the scenarios he could imagine where an upset Corey confronted a group of racists ended badly. 
The park was dark though, empty, peaceful. He rode right by Corey before he turned back. He coasted to a stop in front of where Corey sat on the bench, hands hanging between his knees. 
"Hey Baby," August said casually.
Without looking up, Corey said flatly, "I'm leaving you."
"Yeah, I can see that." 
"I don't want to hurt you. It's not about you. You're perfect."
"And you love me."
"Yes, always and forever."
"I love you too," August said, calm, no pressure.
"I know."
"Roman's an ass."
"Where's your bike?"
"I don't want to talk about it." Corey looked up. One of his eyes was half swollen shut, his lip busted. 
"Can I kick their asses for you?"
"Why, Corey?"
"Because I'm not good enough, not fancy enough for the people you know. I'm going to let you down."
"Fuck all of them," August shouted. He got off the bike, letting it fall over on the path. He knelt on the pavement and very respectfully reached for Corey's hands. "Just come meet Auntie. She's going to love you. There is nothing better about anyone in that theater than you."
Corey met August's eyes, wrinkled his nose. "Gonna take your peasant into the palace? With me dressed like this?"
"Hell," August said, tipping his head to the side. "You'll be better dressed then me." He stood up, took of his jacket, bow tie, untucked his shirt, toed off his black leather shoes. He threw one of his shoes at the lake, put his jacket around Corey's shoulders. 
Corey's mouth dropped open. "You can't go to the theatre like that."
"Oh? Oh yeah?" August said, mischief in his eyes. 
Corey tilted his head, winced from his eye. "Yeah. You told me... formal attire required."
"Okay," August said. "I'm August Richards V. I decide what's formal tonight."
August bounced on the balls of his feet and ran to the edge of the lake, splashing and running along the gravely beach. A raft of ducks freaked out and scattered. 
"Auggie! There are geese! They'll attack you!"
"Come save me!"
"Auggie!" Corey yelled, but he was running  after him. "Geese!"
Auggie caught him up, lifted him off his feet for a moment, then they both stood there ankle deep in duck pond and clinging to each other. "People are just people, Corey Anderson. Come meet my Aunt."
"Dressed like this, soggy with duck water?"
Tuxedo slacks rolled up to his knees, August smiled serenely at the concierge. "No, I don't need to borrow a jacket, but thank you. I'm here with the most beautiful man in the world and that will do fine for me."
Corey blushed brilliantly. The concierge pressed his palms together.  "I cannot let either of you in dressed like this."
"Then call the fashion police," August said slipping by him, a firm hold on Corey's hand. 
Crystal chandeliers, red walls - the space dazzled Corey. The crowd parted for them, well, really for the barefooted, slightly soggy oldest Richards boy and the boy with him in faded jeans and thread bare tee-shirt. Whispers roared around them. August drew Corey's hand up to rest on his arm and Corey wished he could really hide behind August. 
The lady the were aiming for turned to greet them. She wore a graceful gown of sedated lavender, her hair swept up and pinned with pearls. She held out both hands, reaching for Corey's hands. Somehow August passed Corey off to her with some kind of upper class magic trick. She grabbed both his hands and warmly drew him into a hug. "Hello my dear!" 
He stiffened for a moment and she pulled back to smile at him. "You have been so good for my August."
Looking into her eyes, he suddenly got it. She loved August the way Mother Meg loved him. Peace wrapped around him and he hugged her. 
Giggling, she patted his shoulder and asked, "Did you like the desk, darling? It belonged to my grandfather."
"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever had," he said, a wisp of discomfort rippling over his face. "I'm afraid to touch it and Auggie won't let me sell it to fund the food bank."
She laughed and caught Corey's hand. "My grandfather acquired that desk in a poker game. It was a gift, so you can sell it and use the money in any way you wish, but perhaps you'll let me buy it back from you."
August's poker face had frozen off in shock. 
"Mother, I am deeply honored that you would mark my birthday in any fashion. I never meant to offend you in anyway."
"I'm not religious, so please, just call me Auntie, the way all my boys do," she patted his hand a little more, smiling at him, "I'm delighted with you, darling! You make Auggie happy and I can't imagine a better addition to the family." She looked sternly at August. "You are going to ask him to marry you, aren't you?"


Angie said…
I really liked your excerpt. I love stories where some gets swept off their feet. I'll definitely have to add this one to my reading list.
Sebastian Blade said…
@ Angie :) Thank you for commenting!
Teresa K. said…
This was a very emotional and touching scene. Cory not feeling good enough for August. So real life experience.
I loved the way Auntie accepted Cory into the fold.

Teresa K.
Nikyta said…
Awww, this one looks so good. I can't wait to read it :D

Eden Winters said…
Sniff. Awwwwww.... Poor Corey.
Anonymous said…
Hi Nix,

Very nice excerpt!!! I can't wait to read the rest of it!!

Perpetua said…
Woohoo!! I am so excited that it's ready!! Really looking forward to August and Corey!
Sassy said…
Can you hear me now ;)

Woo hoo, it worked! Thanks sweetie.
AliciaS said…
Wow, I can't wait to read the full story. I was very touched by this excerpt and instantly loved both August and Corey.
jenn m said…
great excerpt
the jo said…
Oh my darlin Nix! the blurb and excerpt are wonderful....cannot wait to read the whole thing....I love Cory and Auggie....and I know you made Perp one happy gal! *grin*

also, luv the pic of Cory in the catholic school girl outfit...*grin* whadda fantasy!!!


I can't wait to read it.
Looks supper cool. I love people who understand the reason behind same-sex marriage.
Looking forward to read the whole shebang.

Hugs from Nashville.

Jen B. said…
I like giveaways! Does that count? And, I think Ethan Day and Gay Day is great. I always look forward to Gay Day.
Ruth said…
It sounds wonderful. Can't wait to read it!
melanie said…
This excerpt really drew me in. I wanted to know more about them. Please count me in and it is definitely going on my TBR list.
Sebastian Blade said…
And the winner is.... *drum roll*

Gabbo from Nashville and Ditchtheceremony!

Please email me!

Cinderella said…
How long have I been waiting for this, so cannot wait to have it on my reader and no one brothering me. I may have to break legs and knee caps.

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