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The forward that wasn't

So I'm working on August and Anderson today.  I had written a forward, then I deleted it because I was just going to do something else... and when I opened it today, I hadn't saved the deletion.

I almost signed a contract with a publisher too. It was an incredibly intense contract.  I'd really rather just keep my stories between you and me. Maybe my stories won't be quiet as easy to read. Maybe they might be more perfect if a publisher were to have a hand in their production. I don't know. I know that they're going to be what they're going to be and I'm going to bring them to you as fast and inexpensively as I can. I still need to make a living, pay my rent, pay my tuition, and I really like food. I'd like to see a dentist sometime soon. So I hope I'm able to tell a story that's worth a couple bux each to you all.  I'm really torn over whether it would be better to just post here on my blog and ask people to throw coins in my box like a story teller on the street, or just stick with ebooks on Amazon. Opinions? And paperbacks, of course.

Maybe I'll try both. Run the story here, with the option of making a donation, buy a tee-shirt, or something, and the option to buy the book as an ebook as well, so you get it all in one piece, no google adverts, no clicking from post-to-post?

The preface that got cut:

Note from Sebastian

Hello most awesome people!

OHH so many things have been on my mind. King Arthur, anarchy, equality, why people behave in strange ways, being part of a group... all good things, mostly.

I've also discovered I'm not an English major. A couple of my classes were fantastic, but one of them was just utterly ruinous. I told the teacher of that class that I'd dedicate a book to them if they could improve my writing. This is as close as that got. Allegations and pompous flouncing about one someone else's part does not constitute improvement on my part, unless we think that increasing my stats in cynicism is an improvement. There are some people who might think so.

A friend of mine brought me a very cool Minato figure. I love Minato. He's Naruto's father. If you don't know who Naruto is, you should look him up, then we can talk about him. I ordered the new Frozen Teardrop books too, the new Gundam Wing story.

So now for August and Anderson... these stories are hardly in order. I'm not done writing them. I'm going to put what I have into a book. If people like them, I'll probably get more of their stories done. I have so many stories to write.

Why the ramble? I don't know. I guess I just wanted to talk to you. If you're here, and you like my stories, then we're kind of family, you know? If you're here and you don't like my stories *scratches head*, I guess we're still family. If you don't like my stuff, I can recommend some other stuff... I had to read a hack and slash with pretensions of historical accuracy this term. ZAM and Ethan Day are both a hell of a lot better than me. You should look them up. This set of stories isn't going to take itself so seriously. You shouldn't either. Be good to you, ne? So - if you're still reading, let's, you know... get on with the story.



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