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Fic: Letters to Heero 3/?

Letters to Heero 3
by Faith Luna

The first two chapters:

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, Bandai and Sotsu, or Sunrise do.

Chapter Three

It had been seven years. He and Duo had been Preventers. Looking back, he felt like they had been too young, much too young to know what they were doing. When he thought back to the war, they'd been even younger. Duo had been so precious and he grew more precious in Heero's memory every day.

Every night, he dreamed the day he'd lost him. They'd been tracking a kidnapping ring. At the time it had made perfect sense. They both had experience tracking targets, chasing the money, doing the things that law enforcement officers did. They were comfortable in space, fighting in space.

He'd kissed Duo once, before that mission had started. A splendid and slow kiss that had tasted too sweet like the soda Duo drank too much of and a little salty because Duo had just come back from the gym in the Preventer building. Those violet smiled the way no other human being had ever been able to do, as far as Heero was concerned.

His heart had physically hurt as he'd reached out to touch Duo that day, to run his fingers along his face. "It hurts?"

"What hurts 'Ro?"

"My heart. I am not experiencing real physical distress, but I feel as if my heart swells when I think of you, of being near you."

"That just means you love me. It's okay, 'Ro. I love you too. Marry me?"

He'd never considered marriage before that moment, but he hadn't hesitated a microsecond. He still wore the ring that he would have exchanged with Duo if they'd survived their last mission.

Everything had been perfect - textbook mission - like they'd been doing since they were fifteen. Then the kidnap victim pulled a pistol. It was a vector of possible hazard that neither of them had expected. Duo was exposed. It was a dangerous game of poker and for the first time, Heero had more to lose than he could stand to lose. Duo put a hole between the eyes of the kidnapper. The victim fired at Duo's chest. The bullet hit Heero's upper chest, breaking his collar bone. She screamed, shot herself. The last thing Heero remembered was Duo screaming curses in L2 slang, rude Japanese that would have amused Heero, if it hadn't been the end of the world.

Two months later, Trowa and Quatre had picked up a life pod with Heero in it, in cryo-sleep. They saved him. Blood and bone are so much easier to replace than soul.

The ship that he and Duo infiltrated, disabled - it was impossible to find. Heero had looked. They'd all looked. There had been some hope, for a while, that if they could find the ship, maybe they'd find Duo alive, in cryo-sleep, but alive.

He had accepted Duo's death. He had worn black, lived in silence for a year, walked barefoot across Duo's ancestral land. Duo was dead.

Heero leaned back in his chair, tears he didn't even know he was crying running down his face. He ran his fingers over the words on his screen.

"Call Quatre."

"Calling," his computer acknowledged.



"We'll come over."

"No. I'm booking a flight outboard. I got emails from Duo. One for every day since he's been lost. He's alive. He's in a cryo-sleep."

Silence hung between them, and then Trowa came on the line. "Forward me the mails. We'll find him, Heero."

"He's not dead," Heero said, almost as if he were asking a question.

"We all want him to be alive, Heero."

Heero kissed his wedding ring. Duo was alive. He was.


Anonymous said…
Love this!!! Please update soon!!!!

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