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Chapter Two: A Saturday in Guatemala

A Saturday in Guatemala 
by Sebastian Blade

Chapter Two
"The state department uses the words, 'endemic poverty'," Roman sneered. "Doesn't seem like a place to go, not to me."
August zipped the garment bag closed around his tuxedo and the tuxedo he'd gotten for Corey.  "It's a good thing I didn't get you a ticket then."  He smiled at his little brother.  "Doing volunteer work in less developed countries is an excellent way to develop one's resume."
"Yeah?" Roman asked doubtfully. "You're not doing volunteer work. What is it about this Christian that you like so much?  Really believing in mythology ought to be classified as a mental illness. Maybe he's got a brain tumor."
"There's nothing wrong with being Christian," August said, voice light and breezy, until he turned to give Roman a stern glare. "There is something wrong with being a prejudiced dick though. Roman, seriously, you better be nice to Corey. I'm going to marry him. We're going to adopt kids, have a nice house, a happy life. You're going to graduate Sumo Cum Laude and run for Dad's seat in Congress. Corey's an asset to your political ambitions." August dropped his patent leather shoes into their place in his suitcase, then posed like a man in a political add, "I'm Roman Richards and I approved this ad. Observe my family, fine up standing and diverse - my lawyer brother and his beautiful red headed charity minded psychiatrist husband!  Vote for me!"
Rage simmered, barely masked at all on Roman's face. 
August's expression faded and he stared at his sweet, obedient, perfect grade getting little brother.
"You don't know anything about me, August.  You don't know how the world really works or who really runs it. You're a joker and a fool. So run off to Guatemala and bang your little gay boyfriend. You're never going to marry him. If you're going to grow up. You should stop being such a faggot." 
Eyes hardening, August's lips went pale and tight. "If you ever say any shit like that where Corey hears it, I'll never forgive you."
"Why would that matter to me?" Roman flipped his brother off and slammed the door on the way out. 
August sat down on foot of his bed, next to his luggage and stared at his hands. They'd been so close the year before. When he was younger, August had imagined he and Roman were twins, the American Romulus and Remus. Roman had always been Romulus, always the founder and the future. The world just didn't work any other way. 
August didn't want to appease or even impress his little brother now though.  He wanted to impress Corey.  For a very, very brief moment, he wondered if he could buy Guatemala. Buying countries, small or large, wasn't really something he could do.  Even trying would probably not impress Corey all that much. 
What he and Corey had in common would be really easy to miss in the mix of all the things they didn't have in common. They had a love of knowledge, a trust in learning, a hope for justice, and something unspeakable that August had no words for. Corey was the first person August had really respected, really needed the approval of. His family would always be important to him, but Corey was more. That gave him a little guilt, but he'd get Corey into the family, then there wouldn't any conflict. He could give Corey the means to do all the good things his red head angel wanted to do. 
He finished packing quickly, wanting to be far away from the house and his family and any conflict.  Tuxedos hanging over his fingers, over his shoulder, his main suitcase wheeling behind him, he headed towards the servant elevator. He tapped his foot as he waited for the small little elevator. 
"August," his father's voice boomed in the hall. His father was a big man. He was of average physical size, but there was a presence to the senator that drew people to him as if he were a speeding comet and everyone else just dust pulled into his wake. "You're still going to Paris, right?"
August smiled, head tilted slightly to the side. "Actually, I'm going to Guatemala. That's where Corey is. Dad, I'm going to marry him. He's going to be part of the family."
Bon shrugged. "I have no problem with that. Doing volunteer work in Guatemala is fine too. Good for the family image. My worry is that this boy is the first time you've ever really invested in anyone and I'm afraid you'll get hurt."
"Dad," August said, one foot holding the elevator door open, "not loving him hurts me more than I ever understood pain. I wasn't living before I met him."
"Auggie."  His dad crossed the distance between them, wrapped his strong arms around  his son and hugged him tight. "No matter what happens, I will always love you, want to protect you, no matter what happens in the future."
August let go of his suitcase, wrapped an arm around his dad and held on for a moment. "It is scary. What if he decides to be a priest anyway? What if he leaves me? You won't let me die, right?"
"I won't," Bon agreed, giving him just a little tighter hug. "I'm proud of you. I always will be."
With a smile like a great triumphant caesar, he gave his dad a thumbs up. "So we're all good.  He'll make me a good person and I'll make him a member of the family.  It's a win/win."
"You were already a good person, even if you're an idiot sometimes." Bon grimaced and grinned at the same time.
August was already in the elevator though. 
Roman slipped quietly into the bedroom nearest the corner where he'd been listening. 


Hi Nix,

Nice story you got going here. I hope August doesn't get hurt.

Nix Winter said…
Hi Janice!

Thank you for commenting! Have you read the other August and Anderson stories?


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