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Beach Wolf

Story coming to this post soon...

Chapter Two: A Saturday in Guatemala

A Saturday in Guatemala  by Sebastian Blade
Chapter Two "The state department uses the words, 'endemic poverty'," Roman sneered. "Doesn't seem like a place to go, not to me." August zipped the garment bag closed around his tuxedo and the tuxedo he'd gotten for Corey.  "It's a good thing I didn't get you a ticket then."  He smiled at his little brother.  "Doing volunteer work in less developed countries is an excellent way to develop one's resume." "Yeah?" Roman asked doubtfully. "You're not doing volunteer work. What is it about this Christian that you like so much?  Really believing in mythology ought to be classified as a mental illness. Maybe he's got a brain tumor." "There's nothing wrong with being Christian," August said, voice light and breezy, until he turned to give Roman a stern glare. "There is something wrong with being a prejudiced dick though. Roman, seriously, yo…

A Saturday in Guatamala...

Fic: The Law of Saturday... random snips

Title: The Law of Saturday
by Sebastian Blade

Note: I guess I really like to share my stories. These are just a few snips of stories, really more the start of the August and Anderson book/story... what have you. The very first snip might be a dream, or a past life experience. I could totally see Auggie as Arthur and Corey as the mystical Merlin. The links to the other stories is on the stories page, under August and Anderson :)

Love :)


First Snip

They stood together on the castle wall. The tall brunet, worn leather bracers on his arms, his hair drawn back into a careless ponytail, he leaned on the stone, staring out over lush green British hills. "You would get to be Merlin. Seriously. It's a real contest over whether you love me or the voices in your head more."

Merlin, an impish man with flame red hair streaked with gold by the light of the rising sun, freckles over his face, green eyes that hid nothing and everything, laughed. He bumped his shoulder again…

The Overlord Award

Blak Rayne gave me the Overlord award :)

Post the award and the rules on your blog.
List 3 things you would change if you were overlord.
List 10 blogs you think are worthy of world domination.
Leave them a message in their comment sections with a link saying you chose them:


My three things I would change?

1. I'd make university free for everyone.
2. Food and water for everyone.
3. Lots of money for research for longevity, health, and space travel!

The 10 sites I give this to

1. Blak Rayne
2. ZAM
3. Kishimoto, author of Naruto
4. Masadhi Ikeda, Katsuyuki Sumizawa, Akemi Omode, and Katsuhiko Chiba: The authors of Gundam Wing
5. Clamp
6. Yana Toboso, The author of Black Butler
7. Adam Lambert
8. Gackt
9. Yasuhiro Nightow: Author of Trigun
10. Chr├ętien de Troyes

Fic: Letters to Heero 3/?

Letters to Heero 3
by Faith Luna

The first two chapters:

Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing, Bandai and Sotsu, or Sunrise do.

Chapter Three

It had been seven years. He and Duo had been Preventers. Looking back, he felt like they had been too young, much too young to know what they were doing. When he thought back to the war, they'd been even younger. Duo had been so precious and he grew more precious in Heero's memory every day.

Every night, he dreamed the day he'd lost him. They'd been tracking a kidnapping ring. At the time it had made perfect sense. They both had experience tracking targets, chasing the money, doing the things that law enforcement officers did. They were comfortable in space, fighting in space.

He'd kissed Duo once, before that mission had started. A splendid and slow kiss that had tasted too sweet like the soda Duo drank too much of and a little salty because Duo had just …

The forward that wasn't

So I'm working on August and Anderson today.  I had written a forward, then I deleted it because I was just going to do something else... and when I opened it today, I hadn't saved the deletion.

I almost signed a contract with a publisher too. It was an incredibly intense contract.  I'd really rather just keep my stories between you and me. Maybe my stories won't be quiet as easy to read. Maybe they might be more perfect if a publisher were to have a hand in their production. I don't know. I know that they're going to be what they're going to be and I'm going to bring them to you as fast and inexpensively as I can. I still need to make a living, pay my rent, pay my tuition, and I really like food. I'd like to see a dentist sometime soon. So I hope I'm able to tell a story that's worth a couple bux each to you all.  I'm really torn over whether it would be better to just post here on my blog and ask people to throw coins in my box like a …

Pic: Florintin

Okay, not Gawain from my Arthur stories, but from Faith in the Moon.  I might be signing contracts for those stories and it was suggested that Faith wasn't a very manly name. Okay.. I guess his name is actually Florintin Prideaux. :)