I can haz sanity? Does it come in brands? Cuz I don't want the cheap brand. 

The cheap brand goes like... two percent of writers ever make any money, only the rich get to see doctors, everyone's going to die, and hell, I'm going to bed alone. 


I've tried the free sample. 

The mid range brand really isn't all that much better.

Writers... why go in for just middle of the road anyway? Don't we write so that we can control the fucking world? 

The really good sanity says that even if my professor doesn't like my writing - I'm a good writer. And you know what? Even if I wasn't a good writer.. I like me. I'm a good person. 

Sanity is a lovely mix of feeling safe, feeling challenged, feeling hopeful, being comfortable with one's limits. 

I just started a new Japanese class, learning Japanese through song lyrics. One of the lines from the song we studied last night went like this: 

tachidomomaccha dame sa - standing still is useless

That makes so much sense to me. 

Just keep moving forward... that's a line from Meet the Robinsons, but it's still really true. 

It's five Am... I should go to bed. 

Maybe when I wake up... I'll be bisennen. That's not really the most sane thought, but it's certainly a happy one!

Oyasumi mina-san!


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