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Dragon rolls and burgers


Ohayo! Konichiwa! Konbanwa, Mina-San!
You know what an error in writing is? 
Something that tweeks a reader. 
You know what a worse error is in writing?
Something that makes the writer feel like shit. When the writer feels that their writing isn't genuine anymore because they changed all the Brit spellings to American for an American editor. When some editor decides it would be great to change the word office to studio because they didn't like having two instances of the word office in one sentence and they sure as hell weren't waiting for the writer to be able to negotiate a meaning that mattered. No, they were the all high and mighty editor and they did what they wanted. (I never actually got paid for that story). Lovely. Just freaking lovely. I'm sure it's my fault somehow. 
In my stories, I have some freakishly long sentences. I like them. Sometimes I break them up. Sometimes they're really what I meant and it has something to do with the tempo of how the cha…

The Secret Equality

OKAY.. this was a bleeding hard essay to write and I don't think I expressed things properly. I was trying so hard to write something the professor would like and still be true to myself. I think I learned something by the end of it. 
So I share it with you. Maybe someday I'll revisit it. I certainly came to feel a great fondness for T.H. White.

T. H. White's book The Once and Future King addresses human experience where the greatest threat to life is not resource scarcity, but armed conflicts between large groups of humans and this shift in traditional focus allows his characters a greater freedom from gender stylization; with this freedom in characterization comes an opportunity to see equality as the right of all human beings.   The Once and Future King is a retelling of the Arthurian Cycle. The Arthurian Cycle is composed of stories representing British stories of origin that contribute to British identity and culture (Castleden 1). British culture and persons o…

One Perfect Husband - One

This story is set after The Trick in the Saturday. Corey has left the priesthood and is about to start on his next big crusade, taking August along with him....



I can haz sanity? Does it come in brands? Cuz I don't want the cheap brand. 

The cheap brand goes like... two percent of writers ever make any money, only the rich get to see doctors, everyone's going to die, and hell, I'm going to bed alone. 


I've tried the free sample. 

The mid range brand really isn't all that much better.

Writers... why go in for just middle of the road anyway? Don't we write so that we can control the fucking world? 

The really good sanity says that even if my professor doesn't like my writing - I'm a good writer. And you know what? Even if I wasn't a good writer.. I like me. I'm a good person. 

Sanity is a lovely mix of feeling safe, feeling challenged, feeling hopeful, being comfortable with one's limits. 

I just started a new Japanese class, learning Japanese through song lyrics. One of the lines from the song we studied last night went like this: 

tachidomomaccha dame sa - standing still is useless

That makes so…

Story: A Table Like the Moon

A Table Like the Moon by Sebastian Blade Copyright 2011, all rights reserved Note: It's Arthurian, a bit of a gender twister.  "Shhh," the healer comforted, one hand under the laboring woman's head, the other holding a small wooden bowl of herbs and medicinal tea to her dry lips. "All will be well."  Goosebumps danced over the healer's scalp, down slender tired arms. A braid as long as a bard's hung down the healer's back, thick silken brown, hints of red and gold that danced in opposition to the dozens of flickering candles and their raking, shifting shadows. As the patient settled back into a fitful unrest, quieted by the forbidden magics in the tea, Gwenhyvar straightened proudly. "Have you come to kill me? Have the pity to wait until the child is delivered. The baby is innocent and can know no secrets." Barely louder than the candle flickering, a figure, lean and taunt moved so that his shadow lay across the captured queen and laboring w…