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Thoughts on Evolution vs Creationism

When the topic of evolution versus creationism comes up, people who believe in Creationism almost inevitable proclaim that they, "Did not come from monkeys!" I can understand being disturbed by the thought that one's distant ancestor was a monkey. If that was what evolution proposed, I'd have problems with it too.

The debate can get quite heated. The response to someone's insistence that they didn't come from monkeys is often something along the lines of not needing a "Great Sky Wizard" to have life and modern society.

When the two sides of this debate reach the level of name calling, there's not a lot of real information being passed between them. Monkeys and sky wizards just like to throw rocks and lightening bolts. Human beings are neither monkeys nor the children of sky wizards. Evolution doesn't mean there wasn't a creator, but failing to understand this theory is like saying that electrical engineering has nothing to do with the light switch that keeps my light in the middle of the night. Light bulbs aren't miracles and species differentiation isn't a trick by the Devil to keep Believers from God.

Creationism might be though.

Evolution is process. The outcome alone is only the tip of the ice berg. So back to our lightbulb. For the sake of argument, let's imagine that we've forgotten about Edison and how glass is made, but we know if we find one of these round smooth objects and we screw it into a receptacle, in some houses, mostly those with the smooth black roofs, light happens. Light could be thought of as a gift from the Divine, created, obviously, by those far wiser than we, for nothing exists that is not created.

Now if we start studying, and we would because humans are insufferably curious, we'll discover electricity, glass, evidence of history before what we'd known. Now some people are going to be very attached to the truth of Divine Protection. That light bulbs come from Walmart and Walmart was made by people who are probably just the same as we will be then, that might seem like Divine Protection isn't true. It's like finding out that your parents aren't your parents. Do light bulbs come from soul demeaning factories? No! They are the gift of a benign God.

Do we come from Monkeys? Of course not! Our lives are the gift of a benign God!

Looking at the outcome, doesn't tell us a lot, so let's go back as far as we can. First, there was the Big Bang. The most common objection to that is, "What was before the Big Bang? What caused it, uh?"

So there is this thing called time. Humans can't live without it. Life happens one frame at a time. The world does not make any sense if I wake up tomorrow and I'm twenty-two again, but by evening I'm a hundred and twenty-two. There is no skipping ahead and there's really no recording the past perfectly. The best we get is some video and maybe some notes, but you can't really go into the past at our current technological level.

Compress all of perceived reality and more into a space smaller than my bank account and there's no time. There is no before the Big Bang. That human brain is not made to really understand that.

The explosion happened. Hydrogen splattered into reality in the greatest dance party reality will ever see! Heat bonded hydrogen into helium. As the star matures, helium starts to become carbon. Guess what we're made of? We are the children of stars. Every element that exists came from within a star.

Pressure in planets turns carbon to diamond. Dancing particles connect, swirl grow... those that do well, move forward. It's kind of like one of those reality shows where if you don't do well, you get voted out of reality. Those that stay continue competing, trying knew things.

We're made of cells. The map for how a cell should be made is at the heart of every cell. Sometimes when that map gets torn in two to create a new cell, the copy isn't perfect. It's a little different and so the cell is a little different and then the organism is a little different. Most of the time that will get an organism voted off. It just doesn't work well. Sometimes it works spectacularly well. Sometimes that's because the environment has changed. It's more complicated than light bulbs, but it's not magic either.

From that first dance of hydrogen, right up to us, and to whatever comes after us, we all have a common ancestor. If there's life on other planets, it came out of that first dancing hydrogen too. The monkey's map for making an organism is just different than ours.

It does no honor, gives no love to God, to deny what we can see, measure, and demonstrate. There's much more love of the Divine in the truth than in clinging to a much smaller story because we're afraid our parents might not be our parents.


Anonymous said…
Hi Nix!

Wow! A very enlightening article. I do love being a child of the stars! :)

If only the answer to the life, the universe and everything was "42" - It's a topic I love, but it absolutely blows my mind.

Thank you for sharing this.
★☆*゜*You're a star!*゜☆★

Here's mine!


[QUOTE:Guess what we're made of? We are the children of stars. Every element that exists came from within a star.]
Nix Winter said…
Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I think I could live on comments!
Megan Johns said…
This is a fascinating topic, Nix. Brilliant post!
Michael said…
Thought provoking post. with valid points on both sides of the debate. Just as long as we can all remain civil and not devolve to monkeys as we state our different arguments. Excellent post, Nix.

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