Script: Damages

I just wrote. It's for class.... I'm not very experienced with scripts, so I don't know if it's any good.

NATHAN: A homeless teenage boy who was thrown out of his home after disclosing that he is  homosexual.
MARY: A middle aged woman who has worked in the courthouse for fifteen years, conservatively dressed.
Int – day – court house:
Nathan enters court house
Nathan walks into the courthouse. He's holding a file to his chest, looking very intimidated as he walks up to a clerk recorder's window. 
NATHAN: (pause, nervous shuffle) Is this where I file court paper work?
MARY: (looks him up and down, arches eyebrows) Shouldn't you be in school?"
NATHAN: (stands a little taller) I'm working on a project. 
MARY: (smiles) Okay, honey, what can I help you with?
NATHAN: [beat] (puts file on the counter, both hands on it protectively still) I need to file these papers to start a law suit.
MARY: Honey, you need a lawyer for that. You should talk to your parents.
NATHAN: (brushes slightly long hair back behind his ears, refusing to meet her eyes) I can't do that. They don't talk to me anymore.
MARY: Don't be silly now. Of course your parents love you. Now let's see what is this thing you're doing? (She reaches for his folder.) You want me to help you or not?
NATHAN: It's really important. What they're doing - it's just not right. We have to make them see they can't do this anymore.
MARY: (eyebrows arch again) You're filing a class action lawsuit against one of the biggest churches in the country [beat] because they don't like homosexuals? They didn't write the Bible. God did.
NATHAN: (coughs) I'm not asking them to let me into their church. When I'm an adult, I want to get married. I want to have a family. 
MARY: (closes his folder with a snap) You have a family. The one God gave you. You're not even old enough to have sex yet. When you grow up, you'll marry a nice woman, have children. That's how God planned it. One man. One woman.
NATHAN: (Both hands on his folder again, trying to pull it back from her) I've known I was gay since I was a little kid. There's nothing wrong with me. Is there someone else here I can talk to. I have rights.
MARY: That's all you gays talk about is your rights. You don't look 18 to me.
NATHAN: I'm sixteen. That doesn't matter. I'm a citizen of the United States and I have a right to file a petition with the court. This isn't a church. I have rights here.
MARY: Maybe you can get your parents to come file it for you. Not that it will do you any good. The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech. They have a right to preach God's word.
NATHAN: (nods) They have a right to freedom of speech, but they don't have the right to unfairly target a group of citizens with the intent to deprive them of civil liberty. Access to the civil function of marriage allows for tax advantages, shared health benefits, the right of a spouse to visit a sick spouse in the hospital, the right of inheritance, the responsibilities of children and stable families provide the foundation of a productive and stable society. In the census married couples are in the higher income brackets. (wipes back of hand under nose) 
MARY: [beat] Marriage is for one man and one woman. The word marriage shouldn't even be spoken by gays.  It's not for homosexuals. Repentance is for homosexuals. Jesus didn't even talk to any homosexuals.
NATHAN: (sniffles, has a cold) What God has made clean, let no man make unclean. You know, the word marriage... even the language, English, it didn't even exist when Jesus taught women when everyone else thought he shouldn't. 
MARY: When God makes you clean, you can get married.  Where do you get all these big ideas? 
NATHAN: I kinda live at the library. Marriage - it isn't about god. It's about my rights as a citizen. I have a right to file this petition. If they don't know that what they're doing is hurting people, they'll just keep on doing it.
MARY: You wanting to be with another boy? That hurts people. It's unnatural. You don't have a right to anything in this courthouse until you're 18. You should pray to god and ask him to take away your sin. Homosexuals are trying to destroy our country.
NATHAN: (wraps his arms around his folder again, eyes Mary) Like the freed slaves? Like women that wanted to vote? What kind of god makes me love someone and makes that someone hate himself so bad that he'd rather be dead than be what he is? I figure a church that teaches young people to hate themselves, along with all the other productivity and revenue loss, I figure that church owes society about ten billion dollars. It's not okay to teach kids to hate themselves. It's like the KKK trying to teach blacks that they aren't worth anything because of the color of their skin. They deserve to pay for what they've done. They owe damages to the dead! I'll just walk over to the next county.
MARY: God doesn't make children hate thereselves!  
NATHAN: It's not God I want to sue. 
MARY: You can't sue God's church
NATHAN: This is America. No one's above the law. It's not a theocracy! (walks out, more defeated than not)
Ext – day – city sidewalk:
Nathan Reenergizes 
Nathan sits on the sidewalk, holding a newspaper clipping in both hands.  There's a paper cup in front of him and a little sign that says, "Homeless - anything helps". The newspaper clipping is about a teenage boy who hanged himself after being outted as gay at his church. 
NATHAN: I'm gonna save that money. I'm going to be a lawyer.


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