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Dangerous Valentines Chapter One

Audio Chapter:


So something new today. Jo was talking about how stories should be recorded and stuff... and I thought today was an excellent day to give it a try. If I keep doing these, I'm sure it'll get better.  Below is the text of the chapter. Encouragement will only make me work faster, you know.


Dangerous Valentines
Chapter One
by Sebastian Blade
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2011

"Happy anniversary," Jody whispered into Alin's ear. "You're the sexiest man alive." 
Jody's voice warmed everything. That warmth made Alin feel like he was the center of the world. He shivered, rolled towards his lover. "Best seven years of my life. What's this?"
"Eight ounces of fresh squeezed orange juice, two servings," Jody paused. Alin's violet eyes watched Jody with a familiar combination of sternness and adoration. Jody smiled apologetically. "I brought you breakfast. It's Valentine's Day."
"Gonna be my valentine," Alin asked as he propped himself up on one elbow. 
Jody sat down, one knee bent. He set the tray where Alin could get to his breakfast. "I had this idea."
"Go on," Alin said. He smiled, black bangs framing his face. Pale skin, deep rose lips, twilight violet eyes, his coloring marked him as spacer bred. He reached right past the breakfast to caress Jody's cheek. "God, you're beautiful, Jody.  I love you."
As obvious as Alin's spacer linage was, Jody's dark green hair, deep blue eyes, marked him as a Titan gestated boy. There was something in the terraforming that turned hair a deep forest shade of brown green. The blue eyes were just good luck, as far as Jody was concerned, as Alin seemed to like them. He caught Alin's hand, kissed his palm, sucked on the tip of a finger. "I love you too. So I was thinking, we'd both call in today, catch a shuttle to Maui, lay on the sand for hours, surf a bit, have some fantastic dinner, fuck each other till dawn, whine about the world all day at work the next day."
"Oh baby," Alin agreed, his hand slipping under the loose edge of Jody's boxers, up to gently take hold of his cock. Stroking encouragingly, he gave Jody a gentle tug. "Fuck me?"
"When we get to Maui. On the plane maybe. We'll get a suite. We haven't had intercourse in the air in years."
Alin traced his tongue over his lips, making sure that Jody was watching. Sometimes life had been hard for them. The wars had left both of them with days when passion was more of a wish than possibility. Even after they'd gotten married, there had been years of Alin working cases that took him undercover, took him off planet for weeks, even months a couple of times. Medical school hadn't given Jody time or spare energy either, but even during his residency, there had ever been any thought that their marriage wasn't where both of them really wanted to be. 

"Now. Not Maui, not somewhere else. Here. Now." Alin said. He kicked a the sheet and moved the tray setting it on the floor at the foot of the bed. "Strip."
"Demanding little bastard," Jody accused affectionately. He slipped out of his boxers though. At twenty-five, he'd fought in two wars, been shot seven times, had scars on his body that even Alin didn't know where they were from, survived an abduction that nearly cost him all his memories and everything that made him who he was, made it through medical school, and as far as Alin was concerned, there was not a more beautiful human being any where. He moved with a taunt predatory grace. His body was lean, hardened in a lab by people who cared for him less than the gang Alin had run with on the streets as a boy.  
"Yes, yes, I am," Alin agreed. His hair unbound, it fanned out over the white of the pillow like black ink. He reached up under the back of the headboard to pull out a tube of lube. "I know though, that you're not going to Maui. You're going into the ER where you always go. You'll be there until I get off work. If they weren't all scared of you there, they'd probably try to make you work regular hours." 
Jody took the tube of lube and knelt between Alin's bent knees. He let the tube drop to the bed as he reached to trace his fingers along a jagged white scar across Alin's belly. "I do so much better work now."
"You were seventeen. Nothing fell out and everything still works. We can test that now with some really athletic sex, if you know you feel like giving me an exam."
It took a moment for the calculation and overriding logic to back down a bit in Jody, but Alin knew they were back on the same page when a slight hint of a smile lifted the corner of Jody's mouth. "We will go to Maui soon. You're going to retire and write crime stories. I'll take up family practice. I am tired of gunshots wounds."
"Me too, baby," Alin promised. His hard cock swayed a little as he rocked his hips, knees spread. "I want to feel you in me, spreading me open."
"I think maybe you should write romances too. I read one of those last week, in the waiting room."
"What were you doing in the waiting room?" Alin curled up, grabbed the lube and started applying some to Jody's cock. Stroking the cool gel over his partner's thick manhood. It had occurred to Alin more than once over the time that they'd been lovers, that he ought to be grateful that when the assholes who had created Jody as a weapon of war had been engineering him that they hadn't decided that a decent sized penis was more weight than they wanted to pay thruster power for. Carrying fuel to power a spacecraft, especially one designed for stealth and war made every ounce count. A prostate weighed about eight ounces on average and a penis another couple ounces. The fact that Jody had both did lend some weight to the argument that his handlers hadn't meant to completely erase his humanity. 
That humanity clouded over Jody's eyes as Alin stroked him. "A patient said the book was good, but didn't know how it ended. Her copy was lost, but I had seen one in the lobby. I wanted to tell her the ending. She had sustained excessive damage prior to her arrival."
Alin froze, searching Jody's eyes. "Did you get to tell her the end of the book?"
With a deflating sigh, Alin flopped back on the bed. "Maybe we should take off for Maui. No dead people. No criminals." He flung his arm over his eyes, feeling more melodramatic than he would have liked. 
Heat enclosed his softening cock, an expert tongue slowly circling around his head. Jody's suction was clinically perfect. There was no one who knew Alin's body better. Pleasure roared back to life. The mundane world might as well have fallen away as the two of them hit orbit. Jody's fingers insisted at Alin's entrance, teasing him into relaxation, though that wasn't hard. Thinking about Jody's cock caressing his sensitive passage tightened his balls, his belly, and he spread his legs, scooting down just a little. "Fuck me!"
Jody had always been faster and stronger. With the warm euphoria of sexual pleasure swallowing him, Alin didn't even realize Jody was moving until his lover had him in his arms.  "You're everything," Jody said, voice deep, focused.
Alin slid his fingers into Jody's hair. He didn't have to explain the happiness expanding his chest. "Fuck. It's gonna be a great day, Baby."


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